Jutella Light Filtering Roller Shade

Coversandall JutellaShade001 JutellaShade001 Get heavy Duty Jutella Light Filtering Roller Shades available in translucent fabric. Coversandall provides UV resistant Custom Roller Shades at the best prices. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/j/u/jutella_cinammon.jpg

Add Shade & a Touch of Class to Your Interiors with Our Jutella Light Filtering Roller Shades

  • Made of heavy-duty & translucent fabrics.
  • 100% polyester fabrics come with a jute finish.
  • Comes in a range of four color choices.
  • Blocks out almost 95-100% of UV rays.
  • Lift options are available.

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Light Filtering Roller Shades are Designed From Heavy-Duty Translucent Fabrics

Blinds provide an important finishing touch to give your interiors a chic, classy look. Covers & All’s Jutella light filtering roller shades serve more than just an aesthetic purpose - they give your homes not just a lot of comforting and much-needed shade but also privacy from nosy neighbors while offering excellent light control.

Sunlight filtering in through windows and other such openings can have damaging long-term effects on your flooring, furniture, and artwork resulting in loss of their crisp, new look and color. Our roller shades filter out the natural light, block 95-100% UV rays, and allow just the right quantum to enter. Besides the appropriate illumination, they create insulation by keeping the heat out, while letting the room become cool and comfortable.

Our light filtering roller shades have a textured design complete with broad stripes and a jute-like finish. They add a rustic charm to the interiors with their soft look and a great aesthetic finish. Our Jutella Range offers four color choices such as hessian, honeysuckle, cinnamon, and umber. The light passing through the intertwined weave of the fabric creates a beautiful, elegant effect.

Designed from heavy-duty 100% polyester fabrics, our light filtering roller shades measure 54” (H) x 48” (W).. The robust fabrics used are 230gsm in weight, ± 5%, and have a thickness of 0.6mm ± 0.05%. The complete package of our light filtering roller shades includes 1 roller with metal brackets, a fabric roll, and a powder-coated aluminum bottom bar. 4 screws, 4 rawl plugs, and installation instructions are also included in the package.

Bead/Metal Chain Lift Options are Available with Our Jutella Light Filtering Roller Shades

A white nylon bead or metal chain with a chrome finish are the two options available for lifting our roller shades. These chains can be placed on the right or the left side as per your choice. The direction in which you want the fabric to be rolled can be from the front or from the back of the roll. We recommend rolling from the back but the shade can be rolled from the front too. The bottom bar of these light filtering roller shades is available in black and white. Match to the rest of your decor and let us know your preferences.

Adding a valance is completely optional. A valance is available in black and white colors with or without matching fabrics. Also on offer is a side-channel that blocks light from entering through the sides of the fabrics. These are aluminum-powder coated and available in two colors - black and white.

Choice of Mount Type on Offer with Our Jutella Light Filtering Shades

You can choose to mount these Sheerlux shades from the inner side, or the outer side of the window as per your requirement. In case you decide on the Inside Mount then send us the details of your window size. For an Outside Mount, send us the specific product size that fits your window. Our roller shades will add a touch of class to your homes so do not wait and order now. We will ship straight to your home, anywhere in the world.

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