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Buy Light Filtering Roller Shades for Protection from Excessive Light

Intense sunlight hampering your leisure time? Say goodbye to the harsh light and enjoy a soothing soft glow with our fully customizable Light filtering roller shades. Offering a gentle radiance while keeping nosy eyes at bay, these shades ensure much needed privacy. They gently sift through excessive light rejuvenating your dated window with an aesthetically pleasing touch.

These light filtering window shades are designed using premium translucent fabric with a good amount of UV blockage that keeps your room temperature normal.

You can customize these shades effortlessly in your preferred size. The shades also come with a diverse range of designs, lift choices, mounting styles, and optional valances for end-to-end customization.

Discover our Top Picks:

Bogota light-filtering roller shade: Easy to clean, made of premium fabric with 95-100% UV blockage and keeps the heat away.

Light-filtering cellular shade – plain – Featuring honeycomb structure that provides insulation against heat and cold.

Kendo light-filtering roller shade – The easy to maintain shade has a rustic appeal with textured design that looks every bit stylish while keeping heat at bay.

Varied Designs: The window shades are available in various designs including textured design with rustic effect, honeycomb structure with plain design, striped design, plain design, and many more for your choice.

Tigris light-filtering roller shade – Bestowed with 100% polyester and 95-100% UV blockage, this striped textured shade offers translucence with heat protection.

Light Filtering Window Shades are a Highly Functional Indoor Solution

Crafted from durable polyester fabric, our light-filtering window shades offer a robust solution. They are designed with sturdy materials that not only create a warm and harmonious atmosphere but also add an aesthetically pleasing touch.

UV Blockage Fabric: The light filtering cellular shades consist of translucent 100% polyester material. Each fabric boasts unique textures, weights, and thicknesses. With an impressive UV blockage capacity ranging from 95 to 100%, these shades effectively ward off harsh sunlight, permitting only a gentle glow to filter through. This results in a comfortable, soft, and partially lit ambiance.

Tailored to Your Needs: Our light-filtering shades come in custom sizes, meticulously crafted to fit your window with precision. Experience a perfect fit that not only enhances aesthetics but also provides maximum protection and coverage.

Varied Designs: Choose from an array of designs from these window shades, ranging from textured options with a rustic allure to honeycomb structures featuring plain designs, striped patterns, and more. There's a wide variety to cater to your individual preferences.

Mount Type & Bottom Bar: Choose between two mounting options—inside mount and outside mount when selecting light filtering shade. Opting for Inside Mount requires specifying your window size, while Outside Mount involves indicating the desired product size. The bottom bar, available in white and black, not only adds structure but also imparts weight to the shade.

Lift Options & Sides: Select from two lift options—either a white nylon bead or a metal chain with a polished chrome finish. Tailor the lift option based on your preference for the rolling direction, whether it's towards the front or back. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose between two lift sides—right or left.

Fabric Roll Direction: The shade provides two fabric roll directions—either from the back of the roll or from the front of the roll. While our general recommendation favors rolling from the back for enhanced coverage, the choice is ultimately yours.

Valance & Side Channel (Optional): Enhance your shade with an aluminum powder-coated top covering, available in diverse options. Choose from no covering at all or opt for options like white with coordinating fabric, black with matching fabric, full white, or complete black to align with your preferences. In addition to these offerings, we also provide side channels in both white and black color choices.

Diverse Hues: From bold scarlet to neutral creams, our palette offers various colors for your preference. Choosing the right shade is essential for a cohesive look that complements your existing décor. Now enjoy striking hues in your outdoor roller shades as well.

Easy to Install Light Filtering Cellular Shades Have Varied Use

Embark on a seamless installation journey with our effortlessly deployable blackout roller shades. Boasting an aluminum powder-coated headrail cover, the product is resistant to corrosion and hardware peeling. Choose from an array of custom options like lift side, lift choices, bottom bar, valance, and more, ensuring a secure and robust fit.

  • Guards your space against intense sunlight.
  • Has a translucent appearance.
  • Provides light control.
  • Harmonizes effortlessly with any decor, adding aesthetic charm.
  • Conceals your window discreetly.
  • Crafts a snug and inviting ambiance.

Buy light filtering roller shades and filter out the bright glare for privacy.

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