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Shop Hanging Chair Covers to Increase Your Outdoor Chair’s Life

Nothing beats the comfort of sitting on a hanging chair with your favorite book in one hand and coffee in the other. To keep them sturdy in long run, sheath them with Hanging Chair Covers. The covers are made to combat moderate and extreme weather conditions. Their ability to repel water, UV rays, tears, abrasions, and mildew, makes them the finest choice for long-term protection.

You can customize the size of these hanging egg chair covers according to your specific sizing needs. Moreover, you can also personalize them with text, logo, initials or more for a unique touch. They come with a warranty assurance of 2 to 5 years.

We offer multiple hanging chair covers - custom hanging chair cover- design 1, custom hanging chair cover- design 2, custom hanging chair cover- design 3. Choose the most suitable cover according to your chair design.

Get Water & UV Resistant Hanging Egg Chair Covers to Keep Your Chair Brand New

Designed to beat the heat, rain, or any unwanted elements that are harmful to your trendy hanging chair, our covers are reliable. These custom covers are easy to install with tie-downs and grommets and last for a long time, making them a functional covering solution.

Fabric Options: Our reliable covers come in three weatherproof fabrics. Use Cover Max and Cover Rite for moderate weather conditions. Cover Max fabric comprises 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester. Cover Rite is made of 600 denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one side PU coated. For extreme weather conditions, we bet on Cover Tuff fabric. Their robust construction comes from 1000 denier, PVC-coated polyester weighing 18 oz.

Customize for Snug Fit: An ill-fitted cover is an open invitation to all unwanted elements. Our custom hanging chair covers precisely fit your chair from all sides. They provide the utmost coverage, while adding elegance and protection. Our modular chair covers are also available in custom sizes for your easy selection.

Personalize: Don’t want a basic cover? Well, we have an option for that as well. Use our personalization tool and make your outdoors aesthetically pleasing and cohesive. Add a name, text, logo, or design of your choice for a distinctive appeal.

UV & Water Resistant: A bare chair kept outdoors is exposed to direct sunlight, dust, debris, or rain. Our UV-resistant and waterproof covers for hanging egg chairs easily ward off all these elements and protect your precious chair from defacement soon.

Wear & Tear Resistant: If your hanging chair is left uncovered outdoors, there are high chances of its wear and tear. Outdoor elements can severely affect its structure and may lead to disfigurement. Designed to be tear and abrasion-resistant, our covers stay safe from cuts, rupture, scuffs and rips while keeping your chair protected all season round.

Mildewproof: The mildew-resistant covers are safe from any bacterial breeding. Bacteria can damage your stuff badly, leading to stains, bad odor and a marred look. Our covers keep your valuables safe and shield them from any mold and mildew growth. Thus, adding more life to them.

Sturdy Tie-Downs: To keep the covers in place, strong and reliable tiedowns are imperative. Tied at the bottom, our myriad tie-downs - drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, split zippers, push clips to secure legs, and a combination of elastic at the bottom with push clips help secure your covers and do not let them blow during gusty winds.

Myriad Colors: Add a dash of vibrance to your outdoors with cheerful colors that blend with any décor. Starting from white, black, blue, beige, coffee, our huge color palette helps create a cohesive décor.

Warranty: The durable outdoor hanging egg chair covers are available with warranty coverage of up to 2 years (Cover Rite Fabric), 3 years (Cover Max Fabric), and 5 years (Cover Tuff Fabric). We offer warranty coverage on almost all of our chair covers. Explore our website and checkout the varieties of chair covers for your outdoors.

Say Goodbye to Complex Order Processing for Patio Hanging Chair Covers

Brass Grommets: Our patio hanging chair covers are equipped with brass grommets. They are rustproof and enable quick installation whenever required. We offer grommets spaced at 6"/12"/24" for your easy selection.

Order Processing: Gone are the days when you had to wait for a long time to process your order. Presenting user-friendly order processing with Covers & All. The simple steps are easy to understand and won’t eat your crucial time. All you need to do is -

  • Customize the size as per your needs.
  • Select the fabric according to the weather conditions or your preference.
  • Choose the fabric color from the multiple color options.
  • Personalize with name, text, or logo (optional).
  • Place Your Order! That's it!

Now, relax and let us take care of the rest.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy these Custom Hanging Chair Covers now and unwind peacefully. Also, explore our rocking chair covers featuring waterproof fabric for long-term use.

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