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What could be better than sitting on your beautiful bench under a bower covered with lush foliage? Well, how far this outdoor bench remains pristine depends on its upkeep. Bench Covers by Covers&All will be your best bet. Owing to highly durable and weatherproof fabric, these outdoor bench covers will become your favorite accessory. They are available in three premium fabrics- Cover Max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff. Choose the fabric as per the weather conditions or your preferences.

They are made of 100% waterproof material and UV-resistant fabric that keeps them safe in harsh weather. The covers do not get torn, slit, or rupture even on rugged usage. They come equipped with tie-downs and grommets for installation and keeping the cover in place on windy days. You can customize their size as per your sizing requirements. You can also personalize them to spruce up your outdoors with interesting quotes, text, logo, etc.

Buy Outdoor Bench & Glider Covers Crafted from Waterproof Fabric

Tailor-Made Covers: Our custom-made weight bench covers are made according to your furniture design and measurements. Their precise-fitting hugs the outdoor glider accentuating its appeal.

Add a Personal Touch: The personalization option lets you modify the appearance of your outdoor bench with your name, family crest, logo, etc., of your choice.

100% Waterproof Fabric: The covers feature 100% waterproof fabric that does not let water, dust, debris, snow, etc., accumulate or enter beneath the cover. Hence, offering a clean and dry cover all season round.

UV-Resistant: Been kept outdoors, furniture becomes vulnerable to UV damage. Our UV-resistant covers to protect the furniture from harsh UV rays or direct sunlight, keeping its shine intact.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: As outdoor Furnitures are subject to harsh UV rays, our tear and abrasion-resistant covers combat these elements safeguarding the furniture offering an immaculate condition.

Warranty Assurance: Offering you nothing but the best in covers, we make sure to maintain total transparency with all our customers and offer a warranty on each product. Starting from Cover Tuff, which has 5 years of warranty, Cover Max has 3 years of warranty to Cover Rite, which has 2 years of warranty, our covers are highly reliable.

Get Outdoor Glider Covers in Multiple Colors & Tiedowns

Tie-Downs: Leaving the cover open or untied may blow it on windy days. Tiedowns such as split zipper, drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, push clips, and a combination of elastic and push clips, keep the cover perfectly tied to your chair for a firm hold.

Grommets: Making your installation process a breeze, our glider covers are equipped with rustproof grommets that do not corrode on outdoor exposure. We provide various grommet options spaced equally at 6”/12” and 24”.

Colors: These striking outdoor furniture covers are available in a wide variety of colors for your easy selection. Choose the most suitable color that complements your décor perfectly.

From dining bench covers to picnic bench covers or picnic table cover with patio glider covers, our custom covers options are huge. So, why wait? Order these durable and sturdy Chair Covers now and enjoy your outdoor seating with friends and families!

Bench Covers FAQs:

1. How do I protect my outdoor bench in the winter?

Ans. You can use weatherproof bench cover to protect your outdoor bench in the winter.

2. What to look for when buying outdoor bench covers?

Ans. When buying outdoor bench covers, you should keep the following points on your mind:

  • Know the Dimensions of bench
  • Look for Waterproof Covers
  • Use bench Covers That are Soft on the Inside

3. Can I use a standard sized bench cover for all different benches?

Ans. Yes, you can use it, but it depends on the bench size. If the bench sizes are different, then you need to purchase the required bench covers for the benches.

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