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Protect Your Outdoor Speakers From Rain & Humidity With Our Speaker Covers

  • Cover size can be customized as per the brand and size of the speakers.
  • Different waterproof fabric options are available.
  • Option to add airbags as an accessory.
  • Equipment covers can be personalized with a logo and text.

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Durable & Long-Lasting Waterproof Fabric Options Available With Speaker Covers

Who doesn't love the sound of their top-quality outdoor speakers? Not only do the speakers add life to a party, but they give you a comforting feeling with a soothing sound on a lazy afternoon. However, outdoor speakers are undoubtedly a significant investment; hence, protecting them from humidity and water so that they do not hamper the sound quality is vital. This is where we come in. Our all-weather outdoor speaker covers prevent rain and humidity from eroding your electronics kept outdoors.

Our speaker covers can be cleaned without any hassles. We also provide a pocket for your remote so that you don't misplace them. Additionally, our equipment covers come with split zippers for easy access. . These zippers keep your covers intact in one place, no matter how windy it gets outside. We also provide velcro in the front and mesh flaps in the back of the cover to allow easy closure and opening, whenever necessary.

We provide three different waterproof fabric options with our speaker covers. These fabrics are Cover Max, Cover Fab, and Cover Tuff. Made of 1000D PVC coated polyester, our Cover Max fabric provides excellent durability, tear, and abrasion resistance to the equipment covers. This fabric is perfect if you are living in an area with moderate weather conditions. Our Cover Fab fabric is made of 600D, melange, PVB backing polyester, which is perfect if you have kept your outdoor speaker in a shaded or semi-shaded area. This fabric is of medium weight and feels like vinyl.

Lastly, our Cover Tuff fabric is known to withstand extreme weather conditions since it is made of 1000D PVC-coated polyester. This fabric provides the utmost protection from the damage caused due to harmful UV rays. It also offers excellent abrasion and tear resistance to the outdoor speaker covers. We provide a 3-year warranty on Cover Max and Cover Fab, whereas we offer a 5-year warranty on our Cover Tuff fabric.

Outdoor Speaker Covers Can Be Customized as per Any Size Requirement

Regardless of whether it is a small speaker or a big one, we provide covers for all of them. We give a measuring manual along with our size customization table so that you can enter your dimensions (in inches) without any hassles.

We also add a 1" to 2" leeway on the given dimensions, ensuring easy pull-in and pull-out of the outdoor speaker covers.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Speaker Covers

We provide you with the option to personalize your covers according to your fabric choice, colors, and tie-down options. Be it an image or text of your choice, you can add them all to your cover.

You can also upload a reference image of your choice for us to understand your requirements perfectly. We recommend that you upload the image in our supported image formats for us to know your requirements. So, order now!

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