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Coversandall GrillLShapeIslandLeft001 GrillLShapeIslandLeft001 Choose from a wide range of L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers with 100% waterproof & UV-resistant fabric, options of tie-downs for a snug fit. Free shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/l/-/l-shaped-island-kitchen-covers-left_1.jpg

Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen with L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers – Left

  • Tailor-made covers for a perfect fit.
  • Personalize the covers with a logo/design.
  • Optional airbags, tie-downs, & grommets.
  • Safeguards from water, UV rays, tears, & abrasions.
  • Choice of fabrics and colors for different weather conditions.

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Shop Custom-Sized Outdoor L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers for Weather Protection

The outdoor L-shaped island kitchen provides ample space for a cabinet and countertop. They also invite foes like birds, dust, debris, dirt, and inclement weather. Our L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers – Left is designed to protect the kitchen from such intrusion and prevent moisture damage. The covers can be customized in size and feature personalization for a unique appeal.

3 Different Fabrics for Weather Protection: We offer 3 variants of fabrics: Cover Max, Cover Rite, & Cover Tuff. Cover Max and Cover Tuff comprises 1000D, PVC-coated polyester while Cover Rite is made of 600D, 100% solution-dyed polyester with a PU coating. All 3 fabrics are suitable for moderate to extreme weather conditions.

Modification in Size: Our custom L-shaped island kitchen covers are available in custom sizes. You can take guidance from our measuring guide and input the dimensions in the measurement tool. The same customization is also available in our L-shaped right island kitchen covers. It doesn’t matter whether you own a left or right-side kitchen, we offer customizations option for all.

Personalization in Covers: The covers come with an option of personalization. This powerful feature lets you imprint a logo or text on the covers in a font style and color of your choice. Enjoy this personalization in grill covers too for a coordinated outlook.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: The waterproof L-shaped island kitchen covers prevent moisture seepage that can lead to mildew growth. The UV-resistant covers protect from excessive UV radiation that is equally harmful to your covers. It can become faded leading to loss of visual appeal. UV resistance preserves the colors of the covers and abstains from losing their shine after frequent usage.

Prevent Tears & Abrasions: Scars and scratches can diminish the exterior appeal of the kitchen covers for an L-shaped island. Their resistance to tears and abrasions makes them a formidable accessory that ensures rips, ruptures, and frays will not appear on the personalized L-shape kitchen covers. The same protective feature is also available in our custom grill cover to extend the shelf life of the appliance.

Mildew Protection: The Cover Rite fabric comes with a PU coating on one side which creates a barrier for mildew growth. Mold and algae may lead to decay and rotting, so by using our anti-mildew fabric you can safeguard your covers from unpleasant odor and disintegration.

Get Optional Airbags & Warranty Coverage with Kitchen Covers for L-Shaped Island

Warranty Assurance: The covers come with a warranty coverage spanning from 2 to 5 years. The years will depend on the fabric chosen. All our outdoor island kitchen covers are backed by warranty coverage for added assurance.

Additional Airbags for Water Protection: It is essential to safeguard your kitchen from moisture damage. Strengthen its protection from water by using airbags. Place them strategically at sunken points for elevation and drain off moisture from the covers for a dry and clean look.

Ultimate Grommet & Tie-Down Options with Custom L-Shaped Island Kitchen Covers

Grommets & Tie-Downs: These covers have grommets and tie-downs to keep them securely fastened and protected, even in windy conditions. The grommets are spaced at 6/12/24 inches while the tie-downs include a drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and a split zipper. You will get the same options with outdoor bar island covers for secure closure.

Buy our custom-sized L-shaped Island Kitchen Covers – Left that feature weather-protective elements. They can be personalized and come in a variety of colors for a coordinated outdoor look.

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