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Coversandall OffsetCovers001 OffsetCovers001 Shop for Custom Offset Smoker Covers with Design 2. Made of tear, abrasion, UV-resistant, and water-repellent fabric they protect your sofa from different climatic conditions. Free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/o/f/offset-smoker-covers-vector-image.jpg

Protect Your Smoker Grill with Offset Smoker Covers to Prolong its Life

  • Made of weatherproof fabrics.
  • Available in custom sizes & multiple colors.
  • Secure with tie-downs & grommets.
  • Covers offer safety from tears, abrasions, UV rays, & water.
  • Comes with warranty options & personalization options.

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Buy Custom Offset Smoker Covers for Complete Protection All-Season Round

Don’t let your grill’s shine fade away by a rookie mistake of not covering them with a weatherproof Offset Smoker Covers. The durable grill covers are made to brave moderate to harsh weather, saving your brand-new grill from rain, sun, scratches, dust, etc. We offer an option to customize the cover for complete coverage and protection. You can also personalize the cover to beautify them and create an integrated décor.

Weatherproof Fabric Options: Our premium fabric options are perfect for all weather conditions. For moderate weather, we offer Cover Rite and Cover Max. For inclement weather, Cover Tuff is perfect. We use 600 denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with a PU coating on one side for Cover Rite fabric. For Cover Tuff and Cover Max, we use 1000 denier, PVC coated polyester.

Custom-Made Sizes: Give your covers a sleek and classy fit with customized cover. All you need to do is share the exact measurements and we will create the specially made covers for you. You can customize your round smoker covers in any size of your choice.

Personalized Design: Create a distinctive and eye-catching large offset smoker covers that stands out and creates a harmonious décor with personalized graphics and text. You can add your name, text, logo, picture, etc., to accentuate your space.

Offers Protection from UV Rays: Our offset smoker grill covers are crafted from UV resistant fabric that inhibits the harsh rays from entering, prolonging the life of the grill. Now safeguarding your outdoor pizza even from harsh UV rays is easy with an outdoor pizza oven cover. For more information, explore our website.

Water-Resilient: Been kept outdoors means exposure to unwanted elements such as rain, accidental spills, snow, moisture, that even leads to damage. Our waterproof offset smoker cover tackles such issues, prolonging your grills’ life forever.

Warranty Options: We offer warranty coverage with each cover for reliability and peace of mind. Our Cover Rite comes with a 2-year warranty, Cover Max with 3 years and Cover Tuff comes with 5 years of warranty coverage.

Tear & Wear Proof: Made to brave the harsh outdoor elements, our extra large offset smoker cover possesses tear and abrasion resistant features. This way you can rest assured of no cuts, slits, or ruptures, for a long-lasting performance.

Shape: From round to square/rectangle smoker covers, we offer all the classic shaped smoker covers to cater to your needs.

Reinforce Your Offset Smoker Cover with Tie-Downs & Grommets

Tie-Downs: During windy days it is important to clinch the grill cover, so it does not move from its place. Our tie-downs help clinch the cover adding safety and protection all year round. Is your side burner cover not equipped with tie-downs and grommets? Fret not! We have got you covered with sturdy tie-down and grommet options to hold your cover tightly even on windy days.

Rustproof Grommets: To further tie the cover using the tie-down, a solid grommet is imperative. It eases the installation or removing process. To give you the freedom to opt for the desired one, we offer the grommet spacing approximately at 6”/12”/and 24”.

Offset Smoker Grill Covers in Any Color of Your Choice

Multiple Shade: The covers are available in multiple colors for your selection. Whether you have neutral décor, a vibrant one or eclectic décor, our attractive color options will leave no stone unturned to amp up your décor.

Now you can get these offset smoker covers for sale during festive occasions. So, why wait? Shop for Best offset smoker covers now and keep your good outdoor time rolling like ever.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Need to find something else? Take a look at our other custom covers here.

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