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Regardless of how much you love cuddling & sharing your bed with your furry friend, your pet needs to have a bed of its own. Our Custom Dog Bed Cushions offer unparalleled coziness that offers your pal peaceful sleep. The external covering of the bed is crafted from woven polyester while the fill material comprises polyester holo fiber.

The bed cushion for dogs is available in custom sizes in round, rectangular, and square shapes. At Covers & All, we offer just the right kind of dog-tough cushion inserts & cover options that promise to offer maximum comfort and are highly durable. The high-tensile strength cushion cover is age appropriate for all dogs offering a practical solution to pet owners by facilitating customized covering solutions.

Buy Water-Repellent & UV-Resistant Custom Dog Bed Cushions

Our custom-fit cushion covers are designed to prolong the life of the bed. Their undeterred protection from water and sun damage makes them the bestselling products for your pups.

Cover Material: Our custom dog bed cushions are made of 600 denier, woven polyester fabric with an acrylic coating. The fabric is created using plain weaves on the surface with ribbing. This medium-weight fabric is glossy due to the acrylic coating which inhibits moisture penetration in the cushions.

Fill Material: The inserts are made of polyester holo fiber that traps the air in the cushions and gives them a firm shape and makes them lofty.

Water-Repellent: Dampness within the cushions can spoil the fabric leading to weave damage. If you plan to take your cushion beds outdoors, they may be exposed to rain, snow, sleet, spills, and stains. This may lead to moisture permeation which can make the bed unusable and unhygienic for your furry pet. Our water-repellent fabric ensures your large dog bed cushions remain dry and unsoiled from moisture.

UV-Resistant: The intense sunlight can not only be harmful to your skin but can also harm your covers leading to discoloration and deterioration. A faded bed cover would make your cushions look dull and uninviting rendering them useless. Use our UV-resistant covers to ensure protection from UV radiation.

Customize the size: We offer you the flexibility to customize the dimensions along with their thickness to suit your pup’s requirements. Use our measuring tool to input the values and get the customized product delivered to your doorstep.

Piped Edges & Handle: The cushions come with piped edges on the periphery to protect against surface rubbing that can damage the corners or sides of the cushions. They also come with a handle for portability that facilitates transportation of the bed.

Pattern Options: The cushions are available in beautiful and vibrant patterns that will appeal to your pet. Choose from the palette given to add a decorative element to your home while making the cushions more inviting for your pet.

Order our Bed Cushion for Dogs with Sturdy Zippers

Our bed cushions for dogs are available with a sturdy zipper that makes accessing the inserts effortlessly. Use the beds indoors or outdoors. They will be the perfect sleeping partner when you are camping or enjoying a picnic with your furry pal.

Buy dog bed cushions without facing any hassles online. Use the following steps to place your order:

  • Step 1: Choose the shape of the bed whether you would like to buy a round dog bed cushion, a square dog bed cushion, or a rectangle dog bed cushion.
  • Step 2: Customize the size of the medium dog bed cushion or a small dog bed cushion as per your desirability.
  • Step 3: Choose the pattern and add the product to your cart. It’s simple to place your order for this product.

Browse our bestselling products that will make your four-legged friend joyous.

  • Round dog bed cushions: Circular in shape, these bed cushions can be customized according to the diameter and thickness.
  • Square dog bed cushions: Four equal-sided cushions are bound to fit in any symmetrical alignment of your home. They will occupy less space and enhance the comfort of your pet.
  • Rectangle dog bed cushions: The rectangle shape is usually preferred for large dogs due to their spaciousness and asymmetry.

Custom Dog Bed Cushion FAQs:

1. How do you clean the inside of a dog bed cushion?

Ans. Use a handheld vacuum or an upholstery attachment to clean every crevice of the memory foam. Spray a combination of ½-cup of laundry detergent and water on the bed without soaking it. Sprinkle the bed with baking soda and let it sit for a few hours to remove any odor.

2. Can we wash the cushion insert ofin a dog bed?

Ans. You can easily wash the cushion insert of a dog bed and wash it with hot soapy water in your tub or a basin using a dog-friendly detergent. Soak the insert in very hot water to disinfect it initially, then leave it in the basin until the water cools down. Rub it gently with your hands to remove any stains.

3. Can you make custom dog bed cushion?

Ans. Yes, we can easily make custom dog bed cushions.

4. How do I know what size is best for my dog?

Ans. The most important measurement is the width of the bed. What you want to do is have your dog stand up straight, and measure from the bottom of the paw to the top of the hip or shoulder. This is the amount of room that your dog needs to be in a 100% stretch position. Compare that measurement to the width of our sizes. You'll want an extra 3-4 inches. For example, if your dog measures 25", you'll do great with the Large size, which is 30" wide. But, if your dog is 28", you'll want to bump up to the 36" wide XL. Note: the foam composition is the same between the Large, XL, and Giant sizes. All 3 sizes can easily support a 300 lb dog if they have to.

5. How to make a dog bed cushion?

Ans. The simplest DIY dog bed is a huge pillow, which you can make by cutting two large rectangles of fabric and sewing them together on three sides. One or two old fleece blankets make a great recycled cushion. Before stitching up the fourth side, choose stuffing that will be safe and comfortable for your dog.

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