Tripod Weight Bags

Coversandall TripodBags001 TripodBags001 Shop for best quality tripod weight bags, made from high tensile weatherproof fabric. Personalization is also available. Get free shipping above $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/s/t/studio-stage-film-weight-bags-1.jpg

Premium Quality Tripod Weight Bags for Picture-Perfect Shots

  • Made of 100% waterproof & UV-resistant fabric.
  • Fabric is tear-and-abrasion proof & long lasting.
  • Comes with a double zipper design.
  • Tripod sandbags are easy to handle.
  • The material used can combat all-weather conditions with ease.
Cover Tuff Colors
  • gray
  • black
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Our Tripod Weight Bags are Waterproof & UV Resistant

A perfectly stable tripod is what a professional photographer swears by to get a picture-perfect shot. But sometimes, wobbly tripods or light stands ruin the invested time and effort when the result turns out to be a disaster, far from what was expected. To save both professionals as well as amateurs from such an outcome, Covers & All presents premium-quality tripod weight bags. These tripod weight bags are excellent props to hold the tripod stands by offering them a solid base for sharp and focused clicks/videos.

Our tripod sandbags are created with the robust Cover Tuff material. This 18 oz/1000 D polyester fabric comes with a PVC coating to make it highly durable, and be easily able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The waterproof and UV resistant quality of the fabric makes the sandbags perfect for all-weather use. Now, long outdoor events or shoots won’t feel like a daunting task. You can conveniently shoot amid strong winds and scorching sun without any hassle by just hooking our Tripod sandbags conveniently to the tripods.

Tripod weight sandbags are also provided with unmatched tear and abrasion resistance. Even if you use them in rough and tough situations, the fabric won’t wear out or show any scratches or marks. It really is just a one-time investment and you are sorted for the rest of your life.

Robust Tripod Sandbags are Convenient to Handle & Use

Our robust tripod sandbags are designed to render maximum output and minimise effort and time. Super convenient to handle and use, these tripod weight bags are equipped with double zippered sections to fill in sand, gravel or preferred material to generate optimum counter weight for ideal stability. The sandbags are also incorporated with velcro straps near the zippers to keep the two sections perfectly in place.

The sandbag is also accompanied with a handy strap for convenient placement and removal on/off the tripod respectively. The strap can also be elongated or shortened as per your requirement.

Personalize Your Tripod Sandbag with a Design of Your Choice

Our tripod sandbags are available in two shades - gray and black. The bag is 23” X 10” in size - ideal for providing counter weight balance for most of the shooting equipment.

Add personal touches to your tripod sandbags by getting your name, logo, picture or text printed on your bag. Simply follow our online guide and order the tripod weight bag as per your requirements. Just order now and we will ship it right to your doorstep, anywhere in the world.

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