Dog Car Rear Seat Cover

Coversandall CanineCover02 CanineCover02 Get Customized Dog Car Rear Seat Cover made of water repellent,tear and abrasion resistant for protecting your car from pet hair, scratches, muddy paws & accidents. Free shipping on all orders over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/d/o/dog_without_hammock_6__1.jpg

Resilient Dog Car Rear Seat Cover Make Traveling a Breeze for Your Furry Pet

  • Made of 100% solution dyed polyester fabric of 600 Denier.
  • Non-slip fabric of 160 GSM keeps the cover in place.
  • PHF insert is given for stability and cushioning.
  • Lightweight covers are resistant to tears, abrasion, mildew, & water.
  • Customize the size of the cover as per your requirement.

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Tear & Abrasion-Resistant Dog Car Rear Seat Cover are Long Lasting

Ready to embark on a long road journey with your four-legged buddy but worried about his comfort? Our dog car rear seat cover can enhance the experience for your favorite companion. Transform a bumpy ride that may scare your furry friend into a joyous experience with our anti-skid fabric that boosts stability.

The cover is made of Pet Max fabric which is 600 Denier, 100% solution dyed polyester with 260 GSM weight. It has a PU coating on one side which improves resistance to water penetration. This coating helps protect your upholstery if your dog peed in the car accidentally. The dog car seat cover is your ultimate barrier for your seat if your pet jumps on it with his muddy feet or sopping body.

Fear or excitement can make your furry friend damage your car upholstery with its sharp claws or teeth. Our tear and abrasion-resistant back seat cover for dogs can prevent such damage. The 160 GSM anti-skid fabric along with a PHF insert improves stability and cushioning for your pet while braking or cornering.

The lightweight rear seat cover for dogs is breathable and mildew-resistant. The breathable fabric keeps your dog warm during winter and cool during summer. Never worry about spills and stains when you have the covers secured to your rear seat. The highly durable covers can be easily cleaned whenever required.

Customize the Dog Car Seat Cover Sizes to Meet Specific Requirements

Every car is unique just like your four-legged friend. We can customize the size of the back seat car cover for dogs according to your requirements. Use our measuring guide to input dimensions and we will provide a perfect cover that is suitable for your car and dog.

The highly durable covers can withstand scratches, scuff, and rough usage. These functional covers come in a variety of shades that enhance the aesthetics of your car. They are available in beige, sky blue, navy blue, and charcoal gray.

Dog Car Seat Cover Comes with a Secure Tie-Down

A sturdy tie-down ensures enhanced protection and keeps the cover in place. We provide 14” elastic with push clips as tie-down to secure our best back dog seat cover. Easy to tie with the rear headrest, the cover won’t slide even when your dog jumps or dives on it. Warranty coverage of 1 year is available with the cover.

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