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Coversandall CarCover06 CarCover06 Buy tearproof van covers available in two varied fabrics & custom sizes. Free shipping on orders over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/1/_/1.van.jpg

Keep your Vehicle in Pristine Condition with Van Covers

  • Customize the cover as per the specific van model
  • Stretchable and non-stretchable fabric types.
  • Resistant to tears and abrasions.
  • Push clips in the middle for secured closure.
  • Welded seams prevent water leakage.

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Buy Van Car Covers for Partially Covered & Outdoor Areas

Use our custom-fit Van Covers to cushion your car against dirt, dust, bird droppings, and more. Our van covers add a layer of protective padding to cushion your car against runaway shopping carts, absent-minded car doors, and, other blows.

Precise Fit: We design our car covers for vans according to the car’s year, brand, manufacturer, and body type for a precise fit on your vehicle.

Duro Max for Partially Covered Areas: Our Duro Max fabric is designed for semi-shaded and covered areas. The wrinkle-free fabric is made of 5 oz stretchable fabric that fits snugly onto your vehicle. Choose a Sprinter van cover if you own a Sprinter. We design different variants as per your requirement

Duro Pro for Outdoor Areas: Our Duro Pro fabric can withstand inclement weather. This heavy-duty van cover for winter is waterproof and UV-resistant. The covers are crafted for different car variants including camper van cover which is hard to find. The non-stretchable fabric protects from hail, heavy downpours, snow, and excessive UV radiation.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: Exposure to outdoor elements is detrimental to your vehicle resulting in unsightly dents, scratches, and dings. Our Duro Pro fabric gives protection from moisture and UV radiation. Excessive heat from the sun can result in burning the color of the paint or cause it to bubble and blister. Our UV-resistant van covers help prevent these atrocities.

Welded Seams Prolong Shelf Life: Our ultrasonic technology fortifies the seams embedded in the covers to enhance their durability. The seams are attached firmly to prevent water seepage through the seams.

Free Storage Bag: The storage bags are given free of cost to keep your minivan car cover safe when not in use. Keep dirt and dust away from your covers with a storage bag.

Push-Clips for Placement & Removal: Sheathing and unsheathing can become a task owing to the large size van covers. Our push clips in the middle help to facilitate a secure closure and anchor the cover to your vehicle during gusty winds or storms.

Resistant to Tears & Abrasions: The covers are engineered to resist tears and abrasions. This ensures that the covers are free from sustaining scratches and keep the body color intact.

Warranty: The fortified covers come with warranty coverage of 5 to 10 years as per the fabric chosen. Put on the van covers for sale and keep your vehicle looking great!

Store the Car Covers for Vans in a Compact Space

Lightweight & Foldable: The covers are created with lightweight fabrics that make it easy to fold and stow away. Use the storage bag to fold and keep the cover in a compact space.

Breathable Fabrics: The breathable fabric allows air to pass through and ensures the moisture evaporates easily. This prevents overheating of your vehicle.

Keep Your Van Covers Factory-Fresh with Our Care Instructions

Easily Maintain Your Covers: Machine wash the Duro Max fabric in cold water. Spin it on a gentle cycle. Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. Avoid washing or drying Duro Pro fabric at high temperatures. Only clean the surface using soft wet wipes. We recommend not to over-bleach the fabric or it may get ruined.

Keep your vehicle spick and span with our body-hugging Van Covers. Buy premium body car covers and shield your vehicle from external damages.

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