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Exceptional Protection with an Elegant Custom Fit

When you invest in a Made-to-Order Car Cover, the biggest advantage it provides to you is how It hugs the car silhouette for a snug fit. With a car cover that fits like a glove you can avoid the damage caused by water & debris pocket formation over the car surface, which usually happens with loose fitting covers. Imagine an Off-the-Shelf readymade car cover that is too loose. Its flapping in the wind will cause damage to your car’s surface. On the other hand, a readymade car cover that is too tight can put unnecessary stress on your car’s fiber & plastic components.

Features that Take Our Custom Covers a Notch above the Readymade Covers

Guaranteed Snug Fit

Since each of our covers is made-to-order, it ensures complete coverage of all sharp body lines, contours & curves. Our precisely cut patterns are designed to accommodate & cover the facelift variations of all models & makes.

Double Stitch & Welded Seams

Our made-to-order covers are available with Premium Double Stitched seams as well as Welded Seams. Whereas the Welded Seams prevent water seepage and a body-hugging snug fit, the Double Stitch seams ensure a great fit with full coverage.

Free Storage Bag

Your made-to-order car cover comes with a complimentary storage bag designed to fit the cover perfectly. Just fold, pack & store until you need it next, your cover’s storage bag will help you keep it sorted.

Push Clips for Snug Fit

Gaping holes at the edges of a loose fit cover are the most common entryways for damaging elements like bird droppings, sleet, & more. Our push-clip closures provide complete coverage with a form fitting look.

Foldable & Lightweight Covers

Made from a super light material, our made-to-order covers are easy to fold, store & pack. The fully folded cover offers compact packing in the complementary storage bag.

Breathability Enhances Comfort

By allowing air to pass through, our covers prevent excessive heat from building up. As a result, the car's paint and interior components are prevented from being damaged by trapped heat because they facilitate the easy release of heat.

Return Policy

Shopping with us is a pleasure with our 'no questions asked' return policy. Our covers undergo a two-stage quality assurance process, but in the event of manufacturing or dimensional errors, you can easily return your cover at no cost.

Reflective Stripes

Reflective bands are incorporated into our covers to improve visibility in areas with high traffic and low light. In the dark, this makes it easier to identify and prevents other vehicles from colliding with your parked car.

Care Instructions

Cleaning your made-to-order cover is easy, just wiping with a wet cloth will do the trick. For best results, avoid bleaching, washing, and drying at high temperatures.

Complimentary Shipping

Enjoy free shipping for orders totaling $99 and above.


Two Sturdy Materials that Put the Brakes on Vehicle Wear & Tear


Features that Drive Away Your Protection Woes

Duro Luxe

Material: Super High Quality Premium Polyester Fabric

Water-Resistant: Advanced water & Mould resistant technology.

Multiple Colors: Available in multiple color variants for aesthetic appeal.

Advanced UV Shield: To protect from fading paint, Water Spots, or damage caused by harsh weather

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Durable covers stay safe from cuts, slits, tears, and abrasions.

Assurance Guaranteed: Get lifetime warranty coverage for added assurance.

Duro Pro

Material: Crafted from non-woven fabric weighing approx. 160 GSM.

Waterproof: Waterproof fabric prevents damage from unpleasant rainfall & spillage.

Anti-Static: Suitable for outdoor areas, the fabric is anti-static.

UV-Resistant: Protects from UV radiation that results in discoloration.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Tear and abrasion-resistant fabric prevents scratches and frays.

Assurance Guaranteed: Warranty coverage of up to 10 years.

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