Lumber Tarp - Single Flap

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Durable and Weather-Resistant Single Flap Lumber Tarp

  • Made of heavy-duty tarp tuff material which is 1000D, PVC coated polyester.
  • Ideal for extreme weather resistant to water, UV rays, tears, and abrasion.
  • Customize the size of the tarp as per your requirements.
  • Lumber Tarp is used for carrying construction materials, drywall, and stacked wood.

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Lumber Tarp - Single Flap

Lumber Tarp - Single Flap

  • Lumber Tarp - Single Flap

    Lumber Tarp - Single Flap

  • Lumber Tarp - Double Flap

    Lumber Tarp - Double Flap

  • 3 Piece Lumber Tarp

    3 Piece Lumber Tarp

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Heavy-duty Single Flap Lumber Tarp Protects Your Construction Material

Wood is an exceptional resource that has played a significant role in the history of civilization. Largely used for building materials, paper, tools, weapons, furniture, and more, the demand for wood has exponentially increased spurring conflicts between neighboring nations. To minimize the damage to this precious resource, we recommend using our single flap lumber tarp. Resistant to the effects of harsh UV rays, water, tears, abrasion, dust, and debris, the tarp ensures protection from surprising elements of weather and more.

Crafted from Tarp Tuff material which is 1000 Denier, PVC coated polyester, the lumber tarps are heavy-duty and ideal for extreme weather conditions. Nature may surprise us with heavy snowstorms or rainfalls and it may be difficult to get an instant solution to cover your lumber instantly. However, with the help of tarps you can keep them covered and secured from end-to-end with grommets.

Lumber Tarp is used for carrying construction materials, drywall, and stacked wood. Transporting exposed goods safely can be a hassle as it may be susceptible to damage by flying debris and the ferocity of Mother Nature. By using our lumber tarps, you can keep them safe from damaging elements. You can customize the size of the tarp to ensure they fit your construction material perfectly and are securely fastened with ropes along the grommets.

Wood plays a big role in development therefore transporting lumber safely is essential. This limited resource is not only costly but also requires special attention due to its delicate nature. While conducting the search for best lumber tarps near me to protect your construction material be sure to check the unique selling propositions proposed by the manufacturer. Along with all of the above listed benefits, we extend 5-years of warranty coverage on the customized tarp for added assurance.

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