Vinyl Strip Door Curtain Kit

Coversandall StripCurtain001 StripCurtain001 Shop for Vinyl Strip Door Curtain Kit for warehouse, walk-in freezers, etc., offer protection from water, moisture, heat, debris. Enjoy Free shipping over $99 purchase! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/v/i/vinyl-strip-door-curtain-kit-vector-image.jpg
  • Heavy-duty curtains are made-to-order in any custom size.
  • Ideal for factories, storage rooms, walk-in freezer areas, loading docks, etc.
  • Each strip’s width will be Fixed at 8 inches (+/- 5 mm) & thickness will be 2.5 mm.
  • Our strip door curtain kit includes the wall mounting hardware required for installation.
  • The prefixed strip quantity is automatically updated based on your door width selection(Refer How to Measure. pdf).


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Separate Work Areas, Maintain Temperatures, & Lower Utility Costs With Durable Strip Curtains

Looking for an alternative solution that works as efficiently as a door but comes without the inconvenience of physical labor required to construct and operate it? Our vinyl strip door curtain kit is an optimal solution that extends numerous benefits alongside reducing physical dependency.

Our versatile, highly durable, and long-lasting PVC strip curtains are ideal for separating work areas, creating temperature-controlled zones, protecting goods & produce from unwanted external elements, and more. Above all, the flexibility to install and remove them anytime makes them a brilliant covering solution for several commercial, industrial, and residential needs.

Our water & UV resistant vinyl strip curtains offer high protection from several internal & external elements like water, heat, mildew, debris, oil, loss of air conditioning, etc. The high tensile strength of our curtains makes them a preferred choice for factory & industrial settings. Whether you want to separate different departments of your warehouse or want to maintain the controlled temperature of a walk-in freezer area of your food production facility - PVC strip curtains are a practical all-in-one solution.

Since strip curtains do not demand physical management like opening & closing, they help lower utility costs & workforce. It makes strip door curtains a fitting choice for facilities that involve loading & unloading of material through vehicles or machinery like forklifts etc. You can also use these curtains for creating privacy and safe work environments or personal use like porch & patio coverings.

Made-to-Measure PVC Strip Curtains in Any Size & Available Fabrics

Our curtains come with a great selection of weather-resistant fabrics like the Curtain Clear fabric. The heavy-duty PVC material can hold up against several moderate weather conditions. Plus, the clear vinyl helps add transparency, making management & operations easy at work. Please select the fabric based on your year-round ambient conditions and unique requirements.

Our custom PVC curtains are made-to-measure for every customer. We strive to offer you the perfect covering solutions every time. It is why we make sure to match your unique needs accurately. To help us create perfect curtains for you, please share the precise size dimensions with us.

Vinyl Strip Door Curtain Kit Includes Hardware Needed For Installation

Our strip door curtain kit includes the hardware needed for hanging the curtains, so you don't have to feel apprehensive about the installation process. The hardware includes 3/8" fasteners for front locking (each front locking needs 2 fasteners). It also includes an 8 ft wide powder-coated MS plate main channel in ivory color. Plus, the front & back channels, both attached with a clear vinyl sand fastener. The width of each channel is 6 inches. With our complete strip curtain kit & installation guide, putting your curtains in place is an effortless task.

  • The prefixed strip quantity is automatically updated based on your door width selection(Refer How to Measure. pdf).
Door Width (ft)33.644.655.666.677.6
Strip Qty78910111213141516

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