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  • Heavy-duty curtains can be customized to suit your size requirements.
  • Helps maintain pressure, temperature, & cleanliness required by clean rooms.
  • Curtains can withstand external elements like dust, humidity, water, UV rays, etc.
  • Can be used in manufacturing, production, pharmacy, research settings, etc.
  • Grommet’s diameter is approx 15 mm,which may or may not be used to hang the curtains directly.
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Establish Controlled Environments With Highly-Resistant Clean Room Curtains

A Clean room is a confined space established explicitly for undertaking specialized manufacturing, production, research work, healthcare practices, etc. under strict parameters of cleanliness. It involves ensuring several cleanliness-relevant parameters like temperature, humidity, and contamination control. One way to do this is by constructing brick-&-mortar partitions. Another more flexible, versatile, and inexpensive way of doing this is by installing our clean room curtains. Highly durable and resistant to several ambient conditions, our heavy-duty divider curtains promise protection and partitioning benefits for years.

Our clean room divider curtains can be ideally used to create enclosed and safe zones for research, pharmacy, healthcare, manufacturing, processing, or construction work, etc. We offer custom curtains that are made-to-measure to suit your facility’s size and installation needs. With our highly resistant curtains that can withstand several weather elements like water mildew, UV rays, dirt, wear & tear - you can create private, temperature-controlled, and safe clean rooms anywhere almost instantly.

We offer a choice of different weather-resistant fabric materials that can function in different ambient conditions like extreme to moderate weather and anything in between. Furthermore, our ultra-clear vinyl fabric is a perfect choice for facilities that need protection from intrusive elements, alongside a clear line of sight from both sides of the curtain. Regardless of your fabric choice, all of the available room divider curtain fabrics are highly durable, tear, abrasion, water, mildew, and UV resistant. They can last for up to 3-5 years (depending upon the fabric selected).

To enhance the functionality and style of your cleanroom curtains, we offer optional finishing touches like adding grommets or 4” pockets along the bottom (open at both the ends), etc. You can select any of these options based on your unique installation needs. Please be informed that these optional finishing touches come with a minimal additional charge.

Weight Your Curtain For Adding Strength & Stability Against Wind & Motion

Clean rooms need an effective solution that restricts and controls several intrusive elements like dust, external temperature, humidity, moisture, etc. in the best possible way. Although our clean room curtains are highly effective and well-suited for creating such settings, yet we always offer more ways to improvise our covering solutions. This is where our weighted sewn-in curtain chains come in.

You can choose to add vertical sewn-in chains along the bottom of your divider curtains. Adding weight towards the bottom of the curtain affects it in positive ways like holding the fabric straight at all times, restricting its movement, increasing its strength and stability, etc. The added weight prevents the curtain from frequent swinging or moving. Plus, it allows the curtain to settle down relatively quickly. The weighted chain is an optional feature and includes a small additional price.

Build Brand Awareness With Personalized Clean Room Curtains

Alongside creating well-protected and temperature-controlled rooms, you can bring your cleanroom curtains to yet another use. You can get your curtains personalized with your name or logo to add a hint of branding or design to them. Personalization is an optional feature that comes with tarp tuff & tarp max fabrics only and incurs an additional cost.

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