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Conversations and outdoor meals happen over our dining table. These cherished moments are often associated with the outdoor furniture. So, protect your joyous moments by keeping your patio furniture covered with Standard Size Dinning Set Covers. Unpredictable weather conditions can wreak havoc to your outdoor lifestyle. Use weatherproof covers to continue relishing every moment of your outdoor living area.<

The covers are made from Cover Rite fabric that is suitable for moderate weather protection. The lightweight fabric is water-repellent, resistant to tears, abrasions, UV radiation, and mildew.

Some of our bestselling products include round table chair set cover, table covers, square/rectangle table chair set cover.

Buy Table Chair Covers to Protect Your Outdoor Lifestyle from Inclement Weather

The standard size dining set covers are designed for ultimate protection from all weather conditions. They help maintain your outdoor lifestyle by keeping your furniture ready for use whenever required. Resistant to mildew, tears, water, and abrasions, the covers are perfect for maintaining the exterior appearance of your patio furniture.

Cover Rite for All Weather Protection: Cover Rite is made of 100% polyester fabric with PU coating on the upper side for all weather protection. Make every meal memorable because the fabric facilitates the opportunity to use the furniture whenever required simply by taking off the covers.

Fixed Dimensions: The outdoor dining set covers are available in multiple fixed sizes. This gives you the opportunity to pick the size that will fulfil your need. You can buy matching patio furniture covers when picking the right set for your outdoor dining.

Water-Repellent Covers: Moisture damage can be catastrophic for your furniture leading to mildew growth and decay. Wood is especially vulnerable to damage when moisture permeates the surface. Your furniture will stay protected with our water-repellent covers.

Tear and Abrasion Resistance: The covers protect themselves from obtaining scratches and scruffs as they are resistant to tears. Our abrasion-resistant covers prevent surface rubbing that can lead to frays.

UV-Resistance: The strong ultraviolet rays are responsible for discoloration of your covers and furniture. Use our UV-resistant covers to ensure the colors remain intact retaining their factory-fresh look.

Mildew Repellent: The inherently durable polyester material is resistant to mildew growth. This indicates that the fabric will prevent the growth of mildew that can release a foul odor.

Warranty Assurance: It is our vision to provide the best quality products to our customers. This is the reason that almost all our products are backed by warranty to assure you of our premium-quality. The dining set covers come with up to 2 years of warranty.

Get Outdoor Dining Set Covers with Drawstrings for Tying it Down

Our premium table chair set covers come with a drawstring as a tie-down. You can easily manipulate the elasticity of the cover using the drawstring as per your convenience to tighten or loosen the noose.

We have also compiled a few tips when choosing outdoor furniture covers:

  • Understanding the dimensions is quintessential or you may have to rebook the order provided the company has a replacement policy.
  • Waterproof or water-repellent covers will benefit you immensely. Unpredictable rain or liquid spillage is dangerous for your furniture. You should look for a variety that prevents this kind of damage.
  • Look for covers that have air pockets. They help with air circulation and keep the covers breathable. This prevents release of foul odor if the covers have been neglected for a while.

Buy these weather-resistant Standard Size Dining Set Covers for your home to utilize the outdoor seating space without letting the outdoor weather rule your life.

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