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Maximize Space by Hiding Chairs Under Our Premium stackable chair Covers

  • Made of 100% solution dyed polyester of 600 Denier.
  • Covers protect from UV rays, water, tears, abrasions, and mildew.
  • Apt for usage in moderate weather conditions.
  • Make a selection from multiple fixed sizes and colors.
  • Warranty coverage of up to 2 years on the product.

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Protect Your Chairs from Outdoor Elements with stackable chair Covers

Stackable chairs are an ideal option when organizing any event. Stacked on top of one another, the chairs take vertical space and not vital floor space. To enhance their utility, we recommend covering them with our premium stackable chair Covers. They are resistant to the ill-effects of water, UV rays, abrasions, tears, and mildew.

The high-tensile strength fabric is extremely durable and lightweight. It comes in various predefined sizes and colors. The available color choices are beige, charcoal, sky blue, and navy blue. The covers exhibit resilience as they are made of Cover Rite fabric, a 600 Denier 100% solution dyed polyester suitable for moderate weather conditions.

Equipped with a sturdy drawstring, the stackable patio chair covers fit snugly onto the chairs. Other than protecting the chairs from outdoor elements, the covers hide away your stacked chairs beautifully. Your guests would not be able to decipher the number of chairs stowed away under the covers. Hide them in plain sight by using our covers.

Sudden rains and strong winds can sometimes make the outdoor seating unbearable. To keep your stacked chairs protected, use our weatherproof covers. They come with warranty coverage of up to 2 years. Resistant to dust and dirt, the covers can keep your chairs in pristine condition all the time.

Ensure Complete Water Protection of Your Chairs with Stacked Chair Covers

Stackable chairs are prone to damage by continuous water seepage when kept outdoors during rainy weather. Although our covers are absolutely waterproof, the seams in the outdoor stackable chair Covers may lead to leakage. To protect them from such damage, we recommend using air bags.

Air bags are a requisite for complete protection from water damage. They can be placed under the covers wherever there are sunken points. This will help to elevate the points and drain off water, saving your furniture from sustaining any harm due to water.

Easily Place Your Order for stackable chair Covers

Used for residential and commercial purposes, the stackable chair Covers can be conveniently ordered online. First select the size, then proceed to choose the color of the fabric that complements the decor of your place. Lastly, just add all the items including accessories (if required) in your cart and place your order.

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