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Waterproof Weber Spirit Grill Cover For Moderate Weather Defence

Premium Protection With Grill Covers

Be it barbeque parties, summer night rendezvous or pool parties, your grill is the star of most evenings. So don't let the harsh weather spoil your fun by ruining that sparkling grill of yours.

Made with premium PVC coated polyester material, the fabric is blessed with virtues of high durability and high-tensile strength to fight harsh weather conditions like storm, snow, rain, sleet and harsh sun. The covers feel and look like vinyl. Blessed with an extra-ordinary combination of elegance and protection, the covers lengthen durability and charm of your grill through the years.

The dining set covers are 100% waterproof, UV resistant, and can withstand tear and abrasion of any kind.

Light Up Your Outdoors With Weber Spirit Grill Covers

Your creative outdoor decor speaks volumes about your personality, don't let dull, shapeless grill covers play spoiler. Specially designed to keep your grill and style in mind, our weber spirit cover for grills of all brands dazzle your grill even under wraps.

The covers are designed exclusively for the specific model of your grill and they fit the grill like a glove adding a neat, sharp look to it. We offer options like customizing your cover in the color and fabric. Add your personal touch to your covers with your choice of full colour images, logos, and a family crest. Our well-fitted covers give an enthralling look to your grill.

Effortless Handling With Smart Options

While the covers render a stylish look to your grill, they are not just about looks. Sensibly enabled with smart features, the covers are built to offer complete protection to your grill at all times.

Our covers come with four tie down options: Drawstraps, push clips, elastic, and zipper, to fit your grill like a glove and and to help you secure cover underneath and push clips to secure the legs.

Be it harsh winds or hailstorm, our covers secure your grill and keep it protected even when the winds get violent. These sturdy, water-resistant covers come with built in handles to make the process of cleaning and removing effortless. So gear up to hit the buy button and we’ll ship your new, waterproof cover right to your doorstep, exactly the way you want it.

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