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Preserve Your Year-Round Grilling Experience With Protective Grill Covers

  • Selection from prefixed sizes and colors is available.
  • Use of mildew & tear-resistant fabric for durability.
  • Handy covers with lightweight and high tensile strength.
  • Weatherproof covers offer protection from water and UV-rays.
  • Resilient covers come with 2 years of warranty.

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Durable, Water-Repellent Grill Covers With One-Of-A-Kind Design Statement

The smell of charcoal seared vegetables and mouth-watering BBQ aromas make most of us happy and cheerful. If outdoor grilling is something you do often, then the idea of protecting your grill against the hazards of adverse weather conditions will certainly be foremost on your home improvement agenda. Like always, we at Covers & All have you covered with our highly durable, water-repellent Grill Covers.

You can think of our covers as an ideal protective shield that tackle the dust, debris, and more that your grills come in contact with outdoors. Regardless of the brand, size, or shape of your grill, the choice of multiple prefixed sizes will help you find a suitable cover size that matches your grill size, shape, and style. With a variety of color options, you can easily coordinate your grill and barbeque covers with your outdoor living style’s aesthetic.

Made of 100% solution dyed polyester, called Cover Rite, our Grill Covers provide all-round protection to your grilling equipment. The lightweight 600 denier fabric comes with a PU coating on one side, enhancing longevity of the covers. Plus, the material is resistant to any kind of tears and abrasions, keeping your grills in pristine condition for long.

The water-repellent and UV resistant fabric of our covers protect your grills and BBQ from rain, winds, snow, sleet, and harsh sunlight. It is designed uniquely to adapt to semi-shaded and moderate climatic conditions. Further, the covers are facilitated with strong drawstrings to protect your grills, especially on windy and rainy days.

Get Added Protection From Water Leakage Through Seams With Air Bags

Our water-repellent barbecue Grill Covers protect your grill by repelling water right on the fabric surface, however, there are chances of puddling or standing water at the seams. This can lead to water leakage. To prevent this, we recommend adding airbags underneath the cover.

The airbags help tent up the cover, allowing the water to drain off easily. Adding airbags prevents the water from standing or puddling at the seams or corners, ensuring your grill underneath it stays protected from any potential water leakage.

Measuring & Ordering Instructions For Fixed-Size Grill Covers

  1. Select Size - Measure your grill and select one prefixed size that matches its dimensions..
  2. Choose - Choose from fabric colors options.
  3. Order - Place your order.

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