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Protect Your Grill from Inclement Weather with Fuego Grill Covers

  • Precisely designed to fit your Fuego Grill Covers.
  • Protects from moisture, UV radiation, tears, and abrasions.
  • Options of tie-downs and fabric variants available.

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Shop UV-Resistant Fuego Grill Covers for Outdoor Elements Protection

The richness of the environment, the infused flavors of the food, and the natural companionship are possible with highly efficient BBQ appliances. Use Fuego Grill Covers to protect your appliance from moisture, intense sunlight, tears, and abrasions. The covers are designed to fit different models of Fuego brand.

Use Cover Ace for Moderate Weather Protection: The lightweight 5 oz, non-woven material is apt for moderate weather protection. It is waterproof and features medium UV resistance.

Use Cover Max for High UV Radiation: The Cover Max fabric is made of 12 oz, 1000 deniers, PVC-coated polyester. It gives maximum protection from UV radiation and ensures protection from moisture as it is waterproof.

Use Cover Rite for Shaded or Semi-Shaded Areas: Cover Rite fabric is made from 8 Oz, 600 deniers, 100% solution-dyed polyester with PU coating on one side. They are aesthetically pleasing and budget-friendly. Use them in shaded and semi-shaded areas.

Standard Covers for Fuego Brand: The Fuego element grill covers are designed specifically to fit Fuego grill models. Use these standard covers to shield them from harsh weather conditions that can be detrimental for your appliance when not in use.

Protection from Tears & Abrasions: Our covers feature tear and abrasion resistance that helps prevent scratches, stains, scruffs, and other cosmetic impairments. This helps to increase the shelf life of the covers.

UV Protection: The intense sunlight can damage the colors of the covers leading to discoloration. The impact of this faded look can result in a tattered and shabby look. Our best Fuego grill cover feature UV radiation protection that preserves the colors and maintains the shine for a long time.

Protection from Water Damage: Surprise showers or accidental spillage may ruin the covers and impair the electronic components of your appliance. Our waterproof & water repellent covers ensure protection from water damage. The former is formidable against water infiltration while the latter may allow slight permeation of water if left unattended for a prolonged period.

Resistant to Mildew: Mold and mildew grows easily in wet and humid conditions. Our Cover Rite fabric comes with a PU coating that inhibits mildew growth on grill cover for Fuego.

Warranty Coverage: The Cover Ace & Cover Rite fabric offers warranty coverage of up to 2 years while Cover Max comes with warranty coverage of up to 3 years.

Fuego Black Grill Covers Come with Several Tie-Down Options

Tie-Downs: Get several tie-down options such as drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, push clip to secure leg and elastic at the bottom with push clips. A drawstring can help manipulate the elasticity as per requirement. Extra-strength elastic provides a precise fit and tight grip to ensure the cover stays put through all seasons. Push clips are ideal for the security of the legs of appliance especially during extra windy days.

Buy our incredibly weather-resistant covers that protect your precious appliance from becoming victims of dust, dirt, rain, UV radiation, and more.

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