Canvas Tarp 16oz, Size: 8' x 12'

Coversandall FixedCanvasTarps007 FixedCanvasTarps007 Shop for 8' x 12' Canvas Tarp 16oz to protect your outdoor equipments. Our 8x12 canvas tarp made from water repellent & mildew resistant. Get free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/a/canvas-tarp-1_2_2.jpg

Safeguard Your Supplies from Harsh Weather with an 8' x 12' Canvas Tarp 16 oz

  • Crafted from 28 mil thick, poly-cotton canvas in 550 GSM.
  • Water-repellent tarp is resistant to tears, mildew, & abrasions.
  • Wax-treated tarp protects from inclement weather.
  • Equipped with rustproof grommets for easy installation.
Tarp Canvas
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Shop for Water-Repellent 8x12 Canvas Tarps for External Supplies Protection

Get ultimate weather protection for your outdoor/indoor supplies by using our fixed-size 8' x 12' Canvas Tarp 16 oz. It is designed to protect your belongings from water, tears, abrasions, and mildew damage. The canvas is treated with wax to make it weather resistant.

Heavy-Duty Canvas Tarps: The 8x12 heavy-duty canvas tarp is made of 550 GSM, 28 mil thick, poly-cotton canvas. It is comparatively less in weight than cotton and chemically treated tarps.

Standard Size: The poly-cotton tarp is available in a standard size of 8 x 12. It is perfect for covering large equipment in the outdoor/indoor space. If you need a custom canvas tarp with unique dimensions, you can browse through our custom covers/tarps category.

Water Protection: Unforeseen rain or accidental liquid spillage can harm your indoor or outdoor supplies. Protect them using our water-repellent tarps. They inhibit moisture permeation. Browse through our list of heavy-duty vinyl tarps for an absolute waterproofing solution.

Protection from Mildew: Wax-treated tarps are equipped with a layering that helps prevent the growth of mold and algae. This is quite a useful feature as the tarps remain unaffected even when left unattended for a long time.

Protection from Tears & Abrasions: Ordinary tarps are susceptible to damage by scratches and scruffs. Our tear and abrasion-resistant tarps ensure protection from sharp objects, surface rubbing, and flying debris. The tarp can easily resist damage from ruptures, frays, and rips, increasing its shelf life.

Use Grommets with 8x12 Heavy-Duty Canvas Tarps for Hassle-Free Installation

Rustproof Grommets: The tarps come equipped with grommets that make installation easy and convenient. These grommets, made of rustproof brass, facilitate tying the tarp securely using ropes, bungees, or similar materials. Because they are rustproof, the grommets can withstand inclement weather conditions and remain in excellent condition for a prolonged period.

Usage: The versatile tarps can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. You can shield your furniture and flooring during house painting or remodeling work by using canvas tarps. They protect your expensive equipment, construction tools, wood, lumber, etc. You can also use the tarp for transporting agricultural produce.

Our Olive Green and Tan Colored 8x12 Canvas Tarps Blends Seamlessly

Color Variants: The tarps are available in neutral shades such as olive green and tan. These colors blend seamlessly with your aesthetics. Choose any one of the shades before placing your order and get them delivered to your doorstep. The canvas tarps are one of our bestselling tarps, place the order within a few clicks on our website.

Shop for resilient and weatherproof canvas tarps in standard size. Give your supplies protection from mild rain, tears, abrasions, and mildew.

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