Canvas Tarp 16oz, Size: 6' x 20'

Coversandall FixedCanvasTarps004 FixedCanvasTarps004 Shop for 6' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz to protect your outdoor equipments. Our 6x20 canvas tarp made from water repellent & mildew resistant. Get free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/a/canvas-tarp-1_10.jpg

Durable 6' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz is Strong and Waterproof

  • Crafted from 550 GSM, 28 MIL Thick, Poly-Cotton Canvas.
  • Available in two different color options.
  • Canvas tarps are 16 ounces in weight.
  • Best for camping, farming, etc.
Tarp Canvas
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Shop 6' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz for Better Protection and Utility

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Canvas tarps are constructed from long-lasting, tough materials, so they can withstand a lot of wear and tear without tearing or wearing out. The material's thickness and weight also guarantee that it will hold up well to repeated use under harsh conditions for years to come, making this an excellent and cost-effective purchase for the avid outdoorsman.

Water Repellent: Canvas tarps are designed to keep water out by having a wax coating applied to the densely woven fabric. As a result, canvas tarps are highly recommended for use in environments where protection from rain or water damage is essential, such as while camping, farming, or building.

Mildew Resistant: Canvas is resistant to mildew because it allows air to circulate and does not trap moisture. In addition to its durability and resistance to moisture, canvas also resists fungal growth.

6 x 20 Canvas Tarp is Made with High-Quality Material & Wax-Treated

Heavy-Duty Material: Canvas tarps are made from a strong and adaptable polycotton material that combines polyester and cotton fibers. With a GSM of 550 and a thickness of 28 MIL, the fabric is built to withstand severe weather conditions. The combination of these materials produces a tarp that is both durable and weatherproof, making it perfect for use in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings.

Wax-Treated Canvas: Tarps made from canvas are wax treated so they can withstand the elements when used outside. The wax coating forms a barrier against moisture, making this an excellent material for storing or transporting items that need to be kept dry regardless of the weather. Wax-treated canvas is not only an inexpensive but long-lasting option for outdoor uses due to its resilience and longevity.

6 x 20 Heavy Duty Canvas Tarp Available in Two Colors

Different Color Options Available: There are two color options for the 6 x 20 Canvas Tarp 16oz: olive green and tan. You can find the best color combination for your outdoor equipment, whether you want to blend in or stand out. The tarp's high-quality canvas material ensures long-lasting use, and its two weather-resistant color options make it a trustworthy companion on any outdoor excursion.

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