Canvas Tarp 16oz, Size: 20' x 20'

Coversandall FixedCanvasTarps018 FixedCanvasTarps018 Shop for 20' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz to protect your outdoor equipments. Our 20x20 canvas tarp made from water repellent & mildew resistant. Get free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/a/canvas-tarp-1_1.jpg

Multi-Purpose 20' x 20' Canvas Tarps 16 oz for Versatile Applications

  • Made of thick poly-cotton canvas.
  • Wax-treated tarps ensure water repellence.
  • Available in a fixed size and with rustproof grommets.
  • Highly durable tarps in two different colors.
Tarp Canvas
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Buy Versatile 20 x 20 Canvas Tarps for Unrivalled Outdoor Protection

If you're looking for a cost-effective covering solution for transportation, industrial usage, or outdoor weatherproofing, nothing beats our multipurpose 20' x 20' Canvas Tarps 16oz. These wax-treated heavy-duty canvas tarps offer excellent water and mildew protection while being water-repellent.

Fixed Size: We offer heavy-duty canvas tarps in a fixed size of 20' x 20'. The tarp is large enough to cover your large trucking haul, expansive construction sites, outdoor furniture, and more.

Poly-Cotton Canvas Fabric: The fabric is a blend of polyester and cotton, making it strong. With a weight of 16 oz, it is tear and abrasion-resistant, providing long-lasting durability. It is also easy to handle and store. For different applications, you can also check out our mesh tarps.

Water-Repellent: Our canvas tarps are wax-treated to enhance their water-repellent properties. They effectively wick away moisture, protecting your valuables from heat, snow, rain, and humidity. They are also ideal for safeguarding cargo, farming equipment, industrial and construction machinery, as they prevent rust and corrosion.

Prevent Direct Heat: Our treated canvas tarps provide mild UV resistance. They allow necessary sunlight for landscaping and farming activities while preventing direct sun exposure to your valuables.

Tear & Abrasion-Proof 20 x 20 Canvas Tarps with Rustproof Grommets

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant: The highly thick and heavy-duty material of our tarps offers long-lasting usage. They are resistant to tears, splits, cuts, scratches, and more, making them suitable for covering sharp and pointed objects, as well as firewood.

Rustproof Grommets: Our canvas tarps are equipped with rustproof grommets on all four corners for convenient tethering and tensioning. By using sturdy ropes with the grommets, you can efficiently tie the tarp without any hassle and ensure foolproof coverage and protection.

20 x 20 Heavy-Duty Canvas Tarps Available in Different Colors are Multi-Functional

Colors: We offer canvas tarps in two different colors: olive green and tan. Choose the color that suits your requirements.

Applications: Our 20x20 heavy-duty canvas tarps have diverse applications. They are used for various residential and commercial purposes. Whether it's covering carpets and furniture during home improvement projects, protecting crops and plants in farming or landscaping, or for industrial usage, warehousing, construction sites, transportation, and shipping, our tarps provide reliable coverage and protection.

So, don't wait! Order now and take advantage of our versatile canvas tarps. You can also explore our custom canvas tarps and other bestselling tarps for a wide range of applications.

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