Canvas Tarp 16oz, Size: 12' x 24'

Coversandall FixedCanvasTarps014 FixedCanvasTarps014 Shop for 12' x 24' Canvas Tarp 16oz to protect your outdoor equipments. Our 12x24 canvas tarp made from water repellent & mildew resistant. Get free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/a/canvas-tarp-1_5.jpg

Shield Your Possessions from the Harsh Weather with 12' x 24' Canvas Tarp 16oz

  • Poly-cotton canvas for optimum protection.
  • Treated with wax to resist water & mildew.
  • Feature tear & abrasion-proof material.
  • Available in two colors: olive green & tan.
Tarp Canvas
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Shop 12x24 Canvas Tarps for All Weather Protection of your Supplies

Looking for full coverage and all-weather security for your possessions? Covers & All 12' x 24' Canvas Tarp 16oz, offers complete protection from rain, dust, and debris. These water-resistant tarps are incredibly durable and prevent bacterial growth, ensuring your belongings remain safe.

Wax-Treated Material: Wax-treated canvas tarps are an excellent option for protecting your goods from harsh weather elements. They are specially designed to repel water and mildew, ensuring your belongings stay safe and dry. The treatment makes the tarps highly resistant to tears and abrasions.

Water-Repellent: A water-repellent poly canvas tarp is an excellent choice for protecting your belongings from the harsh effects of moisture and water. Owing to their water-repellent feature, these tarps offer superior protection against water damage. Whether you need to cover your belongings during a rainy day or store them in a damp environment, a water-resistant tarp will keep them safe and dry.

Mildew-Resistant: Mildew-resistant canvas tarps are an ideal solution for protecting your goods from the harmful effects of mildew growth. Mildew can cause damage to your valuables and can also create an unpleasant odor. Our canvas tarps prevent the growth of mildew and mold and keep your tarp in the best condition.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: When it comes to protecting your belongings from rough handling, tears, slits, and other damage, regular tarps do not serve the purpose well. That's why we offer tear and abrasion-resistant canvas tarps that are specifically designed to withstand daily wear and tear.

Portable: These sturdy tarps weigh 16 oz and are extremely lightweight and portable. They feature low UV resistance, which is perfect for covered and shaded areas. We also offer custom canvas tarps if you have a specific size preference.

12x24 Canvas Tarp in Two Colors & Corrosion-Free Grommets

Sturdy Grommets: To make installation easy and fast, we provide these tarps with rustproof brass grommets. The grommets are available at all four corners for optimum coverage.

Color Options: There are 2 neutral colors to choose from for the tarps. The available color options are tan and olive green. Both hues are visually appealing and perfect for camping, hunting, construction, etc. For a more transparent view, check out our clear vinyl tarps.

Easy to Order 12x24 Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps

Easy Order Processing: Our order process is effortless with our user-friendly interface. Simply select the size of your items, choose the desired color, and place your order.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy our 16oz Canvas Tarp in size 12' x 24' today! Also, don't forget to explore our bestselling tarps section.

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