Canvas Tarp 16oz, Size: 12' x 20'

Coversandall FixedCanvasTarps013 FixedCanvasTarps013 Shop for 12' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz to protect your outdoor equipments. Our 12x20 canvas tarp made from water repellent & mildew resistant. Get free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/a/canvas-tarp-1_6.jpg

Keep Your Goods Safe from Rain & Mildew with 12x20 Canvas Tarp 16oz

  • Wax-treated canvas tarps resist water & mildew.
  • Tear & abrasion-resistant fabric is long-lasting.
  • Standard-sized tarps equipped with grommets.
  • Available in olive green & tan colors.
Tarp Canvas
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Buy 12x20 Canvas Tarps for Multifarious Applications

Looking for complete coverage and all-weather protection for your goods? Covers & All water-resistant 12' x 20' Canvas Tarp 16oz offers ultimate protection from rain, dust, and debris. They are highly durable and help keep your stuff safe from bacterial growth. Difficult to tear and abrasion, the tarps stay in impeccable condition for long.

Water-Resistant: Constant rain and moisture can harm the loaded truck or equipment kept in an open space if not covered with a water-resistant tarp. We design all our canvas tarps with water-repellent fabric that repels rainwater or other liquids, keeping your stuff in perfect condition.

Mildew-Resistant: The wax-treated tarps are water and mildew resistant. The chances of mold or mildew growth increase if the goods or equipment are left exposed to water and moisture during long hauls. The mildew-repellent property of our tarps helps wick away the moisture, inhibiting any kind of microbial formation.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Rough handling can lead to tearing, abrading, or slitting of the tarps. Therefore, our tear and abrasion-resistant canvas tarps are designed to be tough and durable. Unlike regular tarps, these tarps can cope with arduous situations, adding more life to your valuables.

Block Direct Heat: The canvas tarps also come with low UV resistance. They help block direct sunlight and protect perishable goods from degrading. Additionally, the tarps weigh 16 oz and are easy to carry and store.

12x20 Canvas Tarps are Available in 2 Colors & Sturdy Grommets

Rustproof Grommets: We equip these tarps with rustproof brass grommets to simplify the installation process. The grommets available at all four corners reinforce the tarp's durability. You can easily install or remove your tarp in minutes without any extra help.

Two Colors: The tarps are available in 2 neutral colors to match your brand color or your outdoor décor to break the monotony. The available color options are olive green and tan. You can also check out clear vinyl tarps for a crystal-clear view.

Order Your 12x20 Heavy Duty Canvas Tarps in a Few Easy Steps

Order Process: Our order process can be done in just a few simplified steps. Simply measure your items' size, choose the color (tan or olive green), and place your order. That's it!

Shop for 12' x 20' Canvas Tarps 16oz and enjoy our bestselling tarps now!

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