High Strength Mesh Tarp, 6oz, Size: 25' x 25'

Coversandall HSMT2525 HSMT2525 Buy Online high-quality High Strength Mesh Tarp, 10oz, Size: 25' x 25' at best price on Coversandall. Personalization available. Free shipping above $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/m/e/mesh-1-1_27.jpg
  • Fabric with perforations that allow water and air to pass through.
  • The edges are reinforced with brass grommets every 24".
  • Provides privacy, shade, and drainage for areas of large size.
  • Tarp comes with a two-year warranty.
  • Sturdy hems protect the heavy-duty tarps from mildew.
Tarp Mesh Colors
  • mesh tarp
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Our All-weather 25’ x 25' Mesh Tarps Allow Airflow to Keep Your Space Cool

This summer, as temperatures are expected to soar dangerously high, a good way of staying cool is with Covers & All’s 25’ x 25’ mesh tarps. They come with a promise of keeping you cool and protected with their UV-resistant mesh construction. The flexibility of our mesh tarps makes them an ideal choice for covering a big area all year long.

The perforations in our mesh tarps allow free movement of air and this keeps the area being covered well ventilated and cool. They are particularly useful on rough windy days for they allow only partial passage of air. This makes our mesh tarps ideal not just for times when livestock needs to be transported, but also to cover tender plants that can suffer damage from heavy downpours and snow. The constant airflow does not let mildew form on their surface.

Since our high strength mesh tarps do not block water completely, and allow only some of it to filter through, they are great for nurseries as well as plant beds. Without letting it collect on their surface, they allow immediate drainage of the water. The mesh tarps dry up just as fast.

Our close-knit mesh tarps are perfect to make barricades and keep prying eyes away. These tarps are able to face heavy windy days with ease. They also look good placed over chain-link fences. Our high-quality mesh tarps come with a two-year warranty.

Brass Grommets Give Our 6 Oz Mesh Tarps Additional Strength

Coming with a graphic weight of 6 oz, our mesh tarps are lightweight. This makes them easy to install. Our 25’ x 25’ mesh tarps do not fade easily despite being exposed to the hot sun. They are also abrasion resistant and do not suffer damages even when covering rough surfaces.

Having hems that are twice as thick as the rest of the cloth contributes to the longevity of our mesh tarps. They also come with rust-free brass grommets placed at a distance of 24”. With their support, our mesh tarps are made even more durable.

High-Strength Mesh Tarps Have Multiple Uses

Our high-strength mesh tarps can be used in diverse ways. Besides protecting landscapes, gardens, and even tropical hardwoods, they also make good pool covers to keep dry leaves and other such debris at bay. Place your order now!

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