High Strength Mesh Tarp, 6oz, Size: 20' x 60'

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Our High Strength Mesh Tarps Are Long-Lasting, Strong & Sturdy

  • The fabric used is abrasion and mildew resistant.
  • Medium-range UV resistant.
  • Allow passage of air and water.
  • Come with a 2-year warranty.
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Our Durable 20’ x 60' Mesh Tarps Allow Air to Pass -Through

The beginning of summer opens the door to outdoor activities. It’s a time when the whole family wants to sit out and enjoy the warmth of the sun. But when the heat gets too much, a little haven to cool off in the backyard itself is an idea that appeals to everyone's mind. So do not crease your brow, as you can create just the place you want using our high-strength mesh tarps.

The close-knit perforated mesh tarps allow for air passage and keep the space they are covering well ventilated and cool. Being wind resistant, the perforations help reduce the intensity of the wind in stormy weather. Water drainage happens equally smoothly for the tarps do not let it collect on their surface. Consequently, the tarps dry quickly too.

Extremely useful for covering large areas, our 20’ x 60' mesh tarps are useful in making boundaries, or barriers around your backyard. You can put them on chain link fences to create intimate spaces blocking out prying eyes of nosy neighbors.

Our 6 Oz mesh tarps are mildew and abrasion-resistant. The airflow through the perforations do not let mildew grow on their surface, and when covering jagged, rough surfaces, our high strength mesh tarps do not tear or come apart in shreds. Mesh tarps make for excellent fabrics to cover awnings around the house.

Our 20’ x 60' Mesh Tarps Are Provided With Brass Grommets

To add to the strength of our mesh tarps, brass grommets have been provided along the edges at an interval of every 24". These grommets are corrosion resistant and come in handy while tying the tarps to hooks, boundaries, or trucks. Simply running a cord through the grommets does the job.

These 6 Oz mesh tarps are medium-range UV resistant. The Cover Mesh Tuff fabric used to make them is breathable and well suited covers for transporting livestock etc. We offer a 2-year warranty on our 20’ x 60’ mesh tarps, thus giving you the assurance of a product that is both durable and enduring.

Use our High Strength Mesh Tarps in Numerous Ways

The tarps can be used for covering swimming pools for the winter months. They collect debris to keep your pool clean. The tarps also find numerous uses in the transportation industries,construction sites, for making greenhouses or nurseries, etc.

So click to order now and we will deliver our 20’ x 60’ tarps to your address.

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