Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 18' x 25'

Coversandall HDT1825 HDT1825 Buy Online high-quality Heavy Duty Tarp 18oz, Size: 18' x 25' at best price on Coversandall. Personalization available. Free shipping above $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/t/a/tarp-2-1-blue_7.jpg

Get All Season Care & Protection with Our Heavy-Duty Tarps

  • Made of water & UV-resistant fabric.
  • Tarp size is 18’ x 25’, & graphic weight is 18 Oz.
  • Have double-lock seams for extra strength.
  • Grommets are added for easy tie-down.
  • Fabrics are tear & abrasion-resistant.
Tarp Tuff Colors
  • blue
  • red
  • gray
  • black
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Our 18’ x 25’ Tarps are Made of Heavy-Duty & Weather-Proof Fabrics

Good weather is always welcome but storms, heavy rains, or burning sunlight can spoil your day and also your belongings lying in the open. However, they can be taken care of with our range of tarps. Our heavy-duty tarps provide care and protection to your goods and ensure they remain as good as new for a long period. These tarps can be very useful in warehouses, farming, transportation, sports fields, and a lot of other places.

Our special tarps are 18 feet x 25 feet in dimension. Their graphic weight is 18 Oz, which makes them very convenient to use for coverings. Made from a durable fabric that has a PVC, vinyl coating, these tarps are 100% waterproof and UV-resistant. This material does not allow UV rays to filter through the fabric and damage your articles. This 18’ x 25’ tarp is impermeable to water, snow, or any form of moisture and promises to keep your goods dry.

Extreme cold can usually make covers brittle and hard, but our 18 Oz tarps are resistant to cold and so, will remain supple and not crack. High, strong winds can play havoc with your farming produce or goods exposed to them, so our wind-resistant tarps keep them all well-protected.

We offer four colors choices in these tarps, Tarp Tuff Blue, Tarp Tuff Black, Tarp Tuff Grey, and Tarp Tuff Red. Pick the color you like or that goes with your ambiance and your taste. Since the fabrics are all UV resistant they do not lose their sheen or color on exposure to the scorching rays of the sun.

18 Oz Tarps Come with Grommets & Double-Lock Seams

The seams of these tarps are double-locked to give extra strength to all the edges. The double thickness makes them more durable and they do not fray on regular use.

Grommets are placed at the corners and at a gap of 24 “on the edges. These grommets are made from rust-proof brass metal that provides reinforced security to the eyelets. You can easily run your rope or cord through the grommets to tie the cover.

Our Heavy-duty Tarps are Tear & Abrasion-Resistant

The robust fabric of our tarps does not tear or bruise when it gets rubbed against rough surfaces or sharp edges. The sturdy fabric ensures that it lasts for years, keeps functioning efficiently, and looks great too. Order now and give care and protection to your belongings with our heavy-duty tarps. Your tarps can be delivered right to your doorstep in any corner of the world.

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