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Shop Sheerlux Shades in Custom Sizes to Filter Harsh UV Radiation

Get the perfect blend of functionality and beauty with our Sheerlux Shades. They filter the harsh UV radiation and bring ambient lighting to a room. The shades are made of 100% polyester, making them ideal for indoor use. The sheer curtains allow natural sunlight to flow into the room while blocking the harsh UV radiation which is harmful to your skin and furniture.

The sheer shades are available in custom sizes. This allows you to modify the size of the shades according to your window space. The shades are available with several customization options such as lift options, lift sides, fabric roll direction, bottom bar, and valance.

Some of our bestsellers include avantgarde light filtering sheerlux shades, elegance light filtering sheerlux shades, natural light filtering sheerlux shades.

Buy Durable Sheer Shades for Style & Insulation

A shade not only brings natural light but aesthetic beauty to your home. The soothing shades are appropriate for masking the UV radiation and letting the room flow with light saving on the electric cost of switching on the lights and AC every time you enter the room.

Highly Durable Fabric: The shades are made from 100% polyester which is a highly durable material. Polyester is known for its easy maintenance and longevity. So, once you have bought these luxurious shades, they will last a long time. Saving you from the trouble of replacing them frequently.

Customize the Size: The size of the light filtering shades can easily be customized according to your window space or door. Take the help of our measuring guide to customize the size and then input the dimensions in our measuring tool.

Protection from Harsh UV Radiation: The harsh UV radiation which is approximately 10% of the sun’s rays is extremely harmful to your skin and to your furniture. UV radiation is responsible for causing skin cancer and for discoloration of your furniture. So, if your furniture is exposed to such radiation daily, it may lead to fading. The shades protect from such damage as they filter the UV radiation.

Saves Electricity by Lowering the Heat: The dependable outdoor blinds are a quick solution for lowering your electricity bill. The shades lower the heat by blocking maximum amount of sunlight and keeping the room cool. They reduce your dependence on AC cooling thus saving you money spent on consumption of electricity.

Suitable Usage: The clear roller shades are suitable for home and indoor use. You also use them in commercial sites such as office space and workshops. They will beautify your settings with their translucent look.

Enhancing Privacy: The sheer shades enhance privacy as they block the outside view. You can safely presume that outsiders don’t get a full view of your belongings or yourself when you install these shades.

Color Options: We offer a range of six colors - grey, ivory, walnut, beige, white, and coffee. You have the option of picking up the color of your choice to match it to your decor and style.

The Light Filtering Shades Come with Several Customization Options

We offer a range of customizations for ease of use and aesthetic beauty. Our lift options include white nylon beads and metal chain with chrome finish. You can get the lift options on left or right side as per your convenience. You can also opt for a white or black bottom bar and get the fabric roll direction from front or back. We also provide optional valance with aluminum powder coating.

Buy these Sheerlux shades that can be customized in size to lower the temperature of a room and enhance privacy.

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