Outdoor Storage Tents 10 Ft x 10 Ft

Coversandall ESCT10X10 ESCT10X10 Order 10 x 10 Outdoor Storage Tents to store your bike, gardening tools, wooden logs, and more and protect them from extreme weather. Fast Delivery & Free Shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/placeholder/default/PS3l5_2_3.jpg

Weatherproof 10' x 10' Outdoor Storage Tents Available

  • Made of weatherproof & tear-proof fabric.
  • Portable tent comes in a foldable aluminium frame supported by telescopic legs.
  • Equipped with a middle split zipper in front, and windows on two sides for easy accessibility.
  • Can be easily installed with the help of velcro straps on the front, side and back walls.

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Temporary Space-Saving 10' x 10' Storage Tents to Protect Outdoor Items in All-Weather Conditions

Looking to save space and money on storage of outdoor items? Don't worry! At Covers & All, we have the perfect space-saving temporary storage solution for you. Our 10' x 10' outdoor storage tents provide utmost protection to your outdoor items without the hassle of owning a costly, permanent storage space. Ideal for creating segmented storage areas, our outdoor storage tents can store any outdoor item, be it bikes, kids’ toys, gardening tools, pool equipment, wooden logs, and more.

We design our outdoor storage tents using completely weatherproof and tear-proof materials that ensure long-lasting usage. Made of specially treated oxford fabric, our tents are able to withstand the damaging elements of nature such as rain, hail or snow, with considerable ease.

Our tents come with a full back wall, canopy topper, valance, windows on both the right as well as the left walls, and zipper on the front wall. Giving proper coverage, our accessible tent design is ready-to-use, courtesy the velcro straps on each wall for installation.

This particular outdoor storage tent comes in a fixed size of 10' x 10'. Need something bigger? Our outdoor storage tents are also available in a 20’ x 10’ size.

Easy-to-Install Outdoor Storage Tents are Available in Black Color

Our storage tents are crafted with a foldable aluminium frame supported by telescopic legs. Sturdy in construction, no expert knowledge or special tools are required to install our 10’ x 10’ storage tents. You can easily set them up within a matter of seconds.

They can even be reused and re-located depending on your needs. Available in the classic black color, our outdoor storage tents look sleek and stylish.

Our Portable Outdoor Storage Tents can be Easily Carried Anywhere

The fast setup and take-down of our storage tents allows for their quick and easy portability too. On folding, our tents become compact enough to carry. Order now and get our adaptable 10' x 10' outdoor storage tents delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

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