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Coversandall PatioBlind002 PatioBlind002 Shop for Premium Outdoor/Exterior Roller Shades made of 100% polyester with a coating to protect your Patio seating area at the best prices. Free shipping over $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/1/4/14_-concrete-1.jpg
  • Comes with Patented Precontraint technology to prevent material deformation.
  • Made with 100% polyester with coating.
  • 100% recyclable fabric made in France.
  • Tear-resistant fabric with a 5-year warranty.
  • Ideal for all weather conditions.

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Protect Your Outdoor Seating Area with Patented Precontraint Technology

If you like entertaining outside or just spending time on your porch, 'Premium Outdoor Roller Shade' is an ideal choice for you. They are dedicated to making your outdoor experience as comfortable as possible. They protect you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays while creating a soothing ambiance. Our outdoor shades for the porch will provide you year-long protection.

These outdoor shades come with patented Precontraint technology that helps to prevent any material deformation during the installation process or usage. They are extremely durable and come with a 5-year warranty.

Our patio shades are made in France with 100% recyclable fabric material. These eco-conscious outdoor shades offer a thick yarn coating for long-term strength and aesthetics. They have high resistance to temperature variations and come with tear-resistant technology.

The tear-resistant outdoor shades keep your seating area warm during the winters and cool during the summers while you have a patio party with your friends. They are perfect to enjoy the outdoor breeze & natural settings of your patio while protecting yourself from sun and glare.

All-Weather Waterproof Premium Outdoor Roller Shades with 2 Different Variants

Our 'Premium Outdoor Roller Shades' comes in two different variants that are ideal for all weather conditions. The Serge Ferrari is made with 100% Polyester with coating and 14% openness. It provides 86% UV resistance. While the Serge Ferrari Plus is made with 100% Polyester with coating and 4% openness. It provides 96% UV resistance to block harmful UV rays. 

Both the outdoor shade models have excellent micro-ventilated textures and are suitable for different weather conditions. Even though our all-weather patio shades are waterproof, adding airbags will further prevent the water from standing or puddling at the corners. Keeping airbags under your cover will drain off all the excess water by creating a tent under your outdoor shades.  

Durable Outdoor Shade with Greenguard Treatment for Better Air Quality

The Greenguard treatment of our patio shades guarantees better air quality so you don't have to worry about dust and pollution. They are ideal to protect your outdoor seating area from wind, rain, and other outdoor elements while you enjoy the natural view of your patio, uninterrupted. These outdoor shades for the porch are fire retardant and have no elongation. 

Key Attributes of Our Customizable Premium Outdoor Roller Shades

With Coversandall, you can customize your outdoor shade size to fit your exact requirements. Its key attributes are as follows:

  • Fabric made in France.
  • Comes with a 5-year fabric warranty.
  • Ideal for all weather conditions.
  • Comes with Patented Precontraint technology to prevent material deformation.
  • Tear-resistant, 100% recyclable material.
  • Comes with Greenguard Gold treatment that guarantees enhanced air quality.
  • Fire retardant fabric with high resistance to temperature variations.
  • Comes with a thick yarn coating for long-term strength and aesthetics.

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