Ethereal Blackout Roller Shade

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Ethereal Blackout Roller Shades Available for Full-Proof Security & Chic Appeal

  • High-quality shades with 100% blackout backing.
  • Offer complete UV protection.
  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Options of trendy colors, geometric designs, and prints are available.
  • Come with customizable size options.

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Ethereal Blackout Roller Shade Offer 100% Light & UV Blockage

Sunshine peeking through your window at daybreak definitely uplifts the mood. But as the sun climbs higher in the sky, its scorching glare starts to heat up your interior space too. With the bright light come harmful UV rays that tend to discolor and ruin your furniture, and also leave your furnishings dull and faded. But fret not. We have come up with the best-ever full blackout roller shades that not only provide ultimate UV protection but help you upscale your home decor too.

Our premium blackout roller shades are made of 100% polyester. Considering its durability, lightweight, and wrinkle-free features, polyester becomes the best bet for roller shades. With 345 gsm thickness, our ethereal blackout roller shades guarantee 100% light blockage and UV protection.

Backed with trendy designs, colors, and textured abstract print options, our blackout roller shades offer your home a plush appeal. Boasting geometric designs and muted hues including pebble, bubbly, stone, and lilac, ethereal blackout roller shades seamlessly harmonize with any decor.

Suited for both indoors and outdoors, our full blackout shades cater to varied size types. We consider the importance of a precise fit of blackout shades for utmost security and privacy. That is why we offer customization service. By following our online measurement guide, you can customize the size of your blackout roller shades. All you need to do us fill in the exact measurements of your window size for us to make well-fitting roller shades for you.

Blackout Roller Shades Come With Multiple Add-On Accessories

In order to provide full-proof light blockage in your rooms, we offer a wide assortment of add-on accessories. Side channels are mounted on the sides of the window frame to provide an opaque barrier to any light streaming in through the edges of the blackout shade. Moreover, it wraps the edges allowing the shade to move freely while in motion. The aluminum powder-coated channels are 45 mm wide and 27 mm deep. Their length varies as per the length of the fabric. For lengths exceeding 7.5 feet, the channel will be shipped in two equal halves.

A valance is a popular decorative piece used in concealing the drapery hardware. We offer varied customizable options to choose from. From white valance with matching fabric to the black one with matching fabric, and opaque white or black to no valance, we have numerous alternatives to choose from. All the valances are aluminum powder coated and available in the width size of 3.5” x 3.5”. To provide extra strength and firmness to the blackout shade, we also offer the bottom bar as an accessory. You can either pick a black or white bottom bar complementing your blackout shades’ color and house decor.

Blackout Roller Shades Offer Varied Mount Types & Lift Options

Blackout roller shades are super convenient when it comes to mounting and lifting. The shades can be mounted either way - from inside or outside as per your personal choice. You can also decide the direction of the fabric roll. But we recommend the placement from the back of the roll instead of the front.

Lifting the shades has been made very convenient and accessible with the complementary chains. You have two options to choose from - white nylon bead chain and metal chain with chrome finish. Now, you can get fully tailor-made ethereal blackout shades as per your individual taste and requirements, anywhere in the world. Just fill in the specifications and we will deliver them right to your doorstep!

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