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Coversandall BlackoutShadePlain001 BlackoutShadePlain001 Buy Plain Blackout Cellular Shades, available in custom sizes & multiple colors. Best for indoor use, where low/no light is required. Free shipping above $99! https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/b/l/blackout_cellular_plain_-_anthracite.jpg

Plain Blackout Cellular Shades Available for Shade & Privacy

  • 100% blackout honeycomb blackout cellular shades do not allow light to pass.
  • Shades made from 100% polyester with aluminum foil backing.
  • Honeycomb structure provides better heat & sound insulation.
  • Plain fabric for shades comes in two colors.
  • Customizing options available to ensure shades fit perfectly.

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Plain Blackout Cellular Shades Provide Better Heat & Sound Insulation

Looking to have a darkened room in your house for times you need to catch up on lost sleep? Covers & All’s plain blackout cellular shades that provide 100% blackout are perfect for those wanting to pay off their sleep debt. The cellular shades’ special honeycomb structured material helps trap the air providing better heat and sound insulation in the room making it pleasant and comfortable. Our cellular shades are ideal to improve the acoustics of your home theatre by absorbing harsh sounds and minimizing echo. They also block out harmful UV rays and help your furnishings, carpets and even the paint on the walls retain their color, looks and lustre.

Our sophisticated plain blackout cellular shades are created from a long-lasting cellular blackout range of fabrics made from 100% polyester with aluminum backing. This cellular blackout honeycomb range comes in a sophisticated plain design which provides a perfect backdrop to any home decor. To complement a wide variety of color schemes, our plain blackout cellular shades are available in ten eye-catching shades. Cream, burgundy, anthracite, snow, pewter are some of the hues from our pleasing color palette.

Our blackout cellular shades come with a white bottom bar that not just gives them a neat structure, but also works to keep them in place. A black bottom bar is also available at no extra cost, so you have the option of choosing the color that goes best with the decor of your house.

Blackout Cellular Shades Can be Mounted Inside or Outside your Windows

With some practical options on offer, our custom plain blackout cellular shades are easy to install and use. When ordering for inside mount shades, you will need to send us your window size. But for outside mount shades, you will have to send us your product size.

Two options for lifting these cellular shades are on offer. You can choose to have a white nylon or a chrome finish bead chain lift on your blackout cellular shades. This chain can be fitted either to the left or the right of the shades, whichever side is the more convenient for your use. Our blackout cellular shades usually roll out from the back, but we can have them roll out from the front, if you prefer.

Plain Blackout Cellular Shades Can be Ordered Online

Coming with dimensions of 54” (H) X 42” (W), our stylish plain blackout cellular shades will prove to be a great buy, not just for privacy but also for improved acoustics in your home. Just fill in our online form now and place an order for our blackout cellular shades. We will deliver them right to your doorstep anywhere in the world.

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