Custom Chaise Lounge Cover - Design 2

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Chaise Covers for Longevity & Protection of Your Lounge Chairs

  • Made of durable & weather-proof fabrics.
  • Multiple tie-down options are available.
  • High-strength fabrics that resist tear & abrasions.
  • Choice of a range of fabrics & colors.
  • Personalize with your logo, graphics, or text of your choice.
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Custom Chaise Lounge Covers Made From Robust & Weatherproof Fabrics

Want to keep your outdoor chaise chair looking new and fresh? Covers & All’s chaise covers are the best solutions to give your outdoor furniture the protection and cover they need. They not only shield your lounge chairs from inclement weather but also keep them from getting scratches and dents.

We have created our chaise covers using fabrics that are durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant. These covers prevent moisture in any form from seeping through, be it due to rain, snow, or sleet. Highly UV-resistant, they block sun rays from damaging your chaise chairs. The high-strength and coating fabric of the covers does not tear or bruise easily and shields your chairs from dust, debris, and mildew. The double-stitched seams further enhance the cover’s durability.

We offer three robust variants of our chaise covers that have been designed to take care of all weather conditions. Cover Rite is made from 600 deniers, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabrics with PU coating on one side. This lightweight fabric with a graphic weight of 8 oz comes in four colors and has a warranty of 3 years. This cover feels like fabric in texture, has medium UV resistance, and is great for moderate weather.

Cover Max and Cover Tuff are both made of 1000 deniers, PVC coated polyester fabrics. They are of moderate weight, at 12 oz and 18 Oz respectively. Cover Max offers six colors, a 7-year warranty, and is best suited for moderate weather. Cover Tuff offers five colors, a 5-year warranty, and can withstand extreme climates. Both the covers feel like vinyl in texture

Multiple Tie-Down Options are Available with Our Chaise Covers

To keep your custom chaise covers safe and well tied to the chairs we have various tie-down options for you to choose from. An elastic added to the base of the covers keep them secure and snug. A drawstring will help you manipulate the fitting of the cover and help to keep it in place.

Brass grommets can be added at a distance of 6”, 12”, or 24”. These reinforce the eyelets and prevent them from tearing or fraying. They will also keep the drawstring running smoothly. Push clips can be tied to the legs of the chair to give them extra security on windy days.

Our Chaise Lounge Cover can be Personalized

You can also get a special chaise lounge cover made by getting a logo, text, or a design of your choice printed on it in UV-resistant ink. Send us your choice of design, color, font, and the place on the cover where you want it printed, and we will soon deliver it to your doorstep in just a few days’ time. At Covers & All we like giving discounts. Order more than one cover and pay less for each. So, order now!

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