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Safeguard Your Favorite Seat Using Durable Corner Chair Covers

  • Get trendy covers printed with a text/logo.
  • Customize their size, color, and accessories.
  • Ideal for both moderate & extreme weather.
  • Choice of 3 high-quality fabrics for durability.
  • Available with a warranty between 2-5 years.

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Shop Corner Sofa Chair Covers & Ensure All-Round Protection for Your Furniture

Let your corner chair be the centre of attraction by sheathing it with Corner Chair Covers from Covers & All. Available in custom sizes and personalized designs, the covers endow your living area with a fresh appeal. Weatherproof, UV-resistant and highly durable, these corner sofa chair covers prove to be a valuable addition.

Custom-Sized & Snug-Fitted Covers: Don’t let the ill-fitted custom chair covers ruin the plush appeal of your living space. Customize them in any size at Covers & All. Tailor-made as per the specific dimensions of the chair, our flexible covers precisely fit the chair from all sides and angles, giving it an impeccable finish and pristine look. Our covers come with 1-2" leeway for easy placement and removal.

Highly Durable Cover Max Fabric: Ideal for moderate weather protection, our Cover Max fabric is made of 1000 D PVC-coated polyester. The highly durable fabric feels like vinyl. It withstands all weather conditions and outdoor elements without the slightest signs of damage.

Sustainable Cover Rite Material: Cover Rite is a 100% solution-dyed polyester with 600 D thickness. Ideal for moderate weather, the robust fabric features a PU coating on one side. The sturdy layer enhances its resistance against rain, sun and debris. The fabric is a strong yet sustainable option to ensure overall weather protection of your chairs. Furthermore, the fabric resists color fading and retains its hue for long.

Heavy-Duty Cover Tuff Fabric: When looking for foolproof protection in extreme weather, heavy-duty Cover Tuff fabric proves to be the best choice. Featuring 1000 D PVC coated polyester, the fabric is designed to endure harsh weather – whether heavy downpours, UV rays, snow, strong winds, etc., while resisting regular wear and tear.

Personalized with Attractive Designs: From home to business, corner chairs prove to be an attractive furniture piece. As they catch the eye easily, they serve as the perfect base to add your name, logo or any other design to get your brand and personal style noticed instantly. We provide free design tool to etch your logo or name in multiple creative fonts and color options. So, use our handy tool and design your personalized corner chair covers the way you want.

Waterproof/ Water Repellant: Uncertain rains majorly ruin the soft and cushy upholstery of your corner sofa chair covers. Accidental spills and splashes result in saggy, blotched and unsightly chairs. Specially crafted from waterproof fabric, our corner chair covers resist the water damage even when kept outside during the heavy rain.

Mildew-Resistant: Our waterproof modular chair covers crafted from Cushion Rite material are designed to wick away moisture. The anti-mildew fabric helps curtail the growth of the mould and mildew. Despite wet and humid conditions, our covers are safe from unsightly mould growth.

Tear & Abrasion-Resistant: Due to excessive usage and outdoor use, the corner chairs run the risk of fraying and unravelling. But our robust covers are immune to regular scratches, tearing, cuts, ripping, etc. No falling debris or dust speckles can abrade its surface. Further ensuring impeccable and pristine look all season round.

Customize Our Waterproof Corner Chair Covers with Desired Color and Tie-Downs

Wide Color Selection: Freshen up your outdoor ambience by adorning your chair covers with the right selection of color. Choose from bright to earthy tones and instantly elevate the aesthetics and add a unique dimension to it.

Functional Tie-Downs: Crumpled and rumpled chair covers look hideous. We provide multiple tie-down options to not let chair covers wrinkle despite extensive usage. You can choose from drawstrings, elastic at bottom, push clip to secure legs, split zipper and more.

Rustproof Grommets: Along with tie-downs we offer rustproof grommets for precise fit and proper security of your chair seat covers. You can customize the placement of grommets at gaps of 6”12”/24”.

Reliable Custom Corner Chair Covers Come with Warranty

Warranty: Our durable covers pass through strict quality testing parameters and are of superior quality. They last long and come with a 2, 3 and 5 years of warranty.

Air Bags: We provide air bags as optional accessories to ensure foolproof water protection. When placed beneath the sunken cover portions; they allow accumulated water to flow through easily and limit the chances of air leakage through seams.

So, shop for corner sofa chair covers and jazz up your outdoor space while protecting it from weather woes. If you need odd shaped chair covers, customize them at Covers & All.

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