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Shop Weatherproof Adirondack Chair Covers for Safe & Chic Outdoors

An Adirondack chair enhances the décor and makes for a great relaxing option. But weather elements can rob its beauty in a flash, spoiling the aesthetics. Covers & All Adirondack Chair Covers are weatherproof and highly protective. Offering a blend of beauty and functionality, these hanging chair covers are crafted from three premium fabrics- Cover max, Cover Rite, and Cover Tuff.

The covers can withstand rain, UV rays, tears, and abrasions, offering safety all season round. They are available in myriad colors and multiple tie-downs and grommet options. Available for customization, the covers offer a precise fit to all-sized modular chairs. You can personalize them to add uniqueness to the outdoors without over-boarding the décor.

Buy Outdoor Adirondack Chair Covers Made of Water & Tear Resistant Fabric

Custom-Made: The concept behind custom-fitting is to offer you numerous options, so you can have a perfectly fitted cover with a flawless finish and utmost protection. You can measure the size of your chair to get the tailor-made cover. Be it a modular chair cover, hanging chair cover, rocking chair cover, or any sort of outdoor furniture cover, we can customize any size of your choice.

Personalize: Now you can personalize these rocking chairs to your liking. From adding a name to a logo, you can try out these options that accentuate your outdoors.

100% Waterproof Fabric: Provided that you live in geographical locations where downpours, snowstorms, dust, debris, etc., are a hitch to a peaceful living. Our Adirondack chair covers in waterproof fabric withstand all these elements, adding more life to them.

UV-Resilient: The UV-resistant covers are built to withstand direct sunlight or harsh UV rays protecting their sheen for a long-time.

Tear & Abrasion Resistant: Prolonged exposure to the outdoors can result in cuts, tears, abrasions, slits, etc. This is where Covers & All expertly designed tear and abrasion-resistant covers come to your rescue. Keep them outdoors as long as you wish without worrying about their condition.

Warranty Coverage: Our covers are highly durable and last for years and come with good warranty coverage for your satisfaction. You can count on Cover Tuff offering warranty coverage of up to 5 years, Cover Max for 3 years, and Cover Rite for 2 years of warranty coverage.

Get Extra Large Adirondack Chair Covers in Myriad Colors & Tiedowns

Tie Downs: An open cover is likely to slip away with the wind. To cater to this, we provide many tie-down options for your easy selection. Choose from a split zipper, drawstrings, elastic at the bottom, push clips, and a combination of elastic and push clips to secure your cover for a firm hold.

Grommets: A grommet is a highly functional ring installed in the cover for better functioning. We offer rustproof grommet options spaced approximately at 6”/12” and 24”.

Colors: Colors play a major role in décor. A mismatched color can make your décor a bit bland, and this is where our expertise comes in handy. Our wide color palette offers an unbeatable color range that flawlessly blends with any décor offering a vibrant appeal.

So, what are you waiting for? Order these custom Adirondack chair covers and do not miss out to check the best Adirondack chair covers by Covers & All.

Patio Adirondack Chair Covers FAQs:

1. Should I cover Adirondack chairs in winter?

Ans. Yes, you should. Covering your chair is the best option for a chair that will be outdoors or in a non-climate-controlled environment, such as a shed or garage, during the winter.

2. Do chair covers fit on an Adirondack chair?

Ans. No. Although the chair covers might look similar, the chair covers won't fit every type of chair.

3. How do I measure for Adirondack chair covers?

Ans. You need to take measurements from edge to edge: the height of the chair, the width, the depth, back width, Arm to Arm Width, the front height.

4. What are the benefits of Adirondack chair covers?

Ans. Outdoor Adirondack Chair Covers keep your seating protected from rain, dirt, and more, so it's always ready to use.

5. How do I put on a cover on my Adirondack chair?

Ans. To cover your Adirondack chair, align the slipcover's top seam with the chair's top back. Center the front of the cover and position the corner cushion dart scenes on the chair's corners.

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