Shipping in Norway

We’re buzzing in Norway! Our plans? Making you happy. We’re partnering with local businesses, using some production facilities, and partnering there to offer great services at the lowest rates.

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Tina C
7 December 2021

So far so good just placed my order, 12/7/2021.

Steve W
7 December 2021

CONFUSING measurement instructions

Nicholas N
7 December 2021

Easy enough.

Yvette D
7 December 2021

My experience was fine. "Andrew" was very helpful. I'll have to wait and see how long it takes to get my order and if the three swamp cooler covers fit property.

Patricia D
7 December 2021

I live in Buffalo, NY where if the snow is not falling all over the place the wind will blow whatever you own and leave outside into the neighbors' yards over in Canada. I got an idea to cover my back porch when I visited the Chautauqua Institution o...

Tom D
7 December 2021

I have made several purchases and so far pleased with quality and service

Alan N
7 December 2021

Easy to navigate website!

Sarah K
7 December 2021

Ordering was fairly easy except for uploading photo. Platform does not accept HEIC files. Requires Jpeg

Joan L
7 December 2021

I am very pleased that I was contacted by email to give more specific details as to the measurements of the table.

Danny B
7 December 2021

Good Experience. Would like more grommets around the tarp.