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Coversandall GriddleCover003 GriddleCover003 Shop for our customizedd griddle Covers made from waterproof & UV resistant fabric to keep out water, snow and debris. Get free shipping on orders above $99 https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/c/u/custom-griddle-covers-design-3-vector_1.jpg

Experience Inclement Weather Protection with Custom Griddle Covers

  • Get tailored covers for your griddle.
  • Option to personalize with a logo/design.
  • Waterproof fabric protects from tears, UV rays, & abrasions.
  • 3 polyester-made fabrics for moderate to extreme weather.
  • Grommets & tie-downs for a secure closure.

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Shop Built-In Griddle Covers for Moisture & UV Protection of Griddles

Griddles are associated with flavorsome cooking in the outdoors. Protect your essential appliance using our tailor-made Custom Griddle Cover. They comprise waterproof, UV, tear, and abrasion-resistant fabric that can keep the outdoor elements at bay. They come with personalization option that lets you imprint a logo or design on them.

Resilient Fabric with Weather Protection: The built-in griddle covers are available in 3 distinct fabric varieties. Cover Max and Cover Tuff are crafted from 1000D, PVC-coated polyester. Cover Rite is made of 600D, 100% solution-dyed with a PU coating. All 3 fabrics give varying weather protection from moderate to extreme weather.

Tailor-Made Sizes: The outdoor griddle covers are designed to be customized in sizes according to the griddle. You can take help from our measuring guide for a precise fitting on your covers. Input these sizes in the measurement tool for a customized product. If you need a standard size, order standard grill covers from a renowned brand.

Waterproof & UV-Resistant: The griddle covers are designed with waterproof fabric that can withstand moisture permeation. This inhibits mildew growth and prevents decaying of the covers. Additionally, the covers are resistant to UV radiation. This radiation causes discoloration making the covers unappealing. Our cover prevents such damage by ensuring colorfastness. Buy custom grill covers with the same protective features from our website.

Personalized Covers: The built-in griddle covers come with a powerful feature of personalization. Imprint a logo or design on the covers in the font style and color of your preference. This will create an exceptional appeal for your covers. Get personalized custom kettle covers for a coordinated look in your backyard.

Prevention of Tears & Abrasions: The appearance of tears and abrasions can impair the performance of your covers. The covers can withstand rips, ruptures, fraying, etc. as it is tear and abrasion-resistant. They are impervious to collision with sharp objects, surface rubbing, and flying debris that can cause impairments on ordinary covers.

Get Warranty Backed Outdoor Griddle Covers for Longevity

Promise of Warranty Coverage: Our covers come with an added assurance of a warranty. This warranty coverage spans from 2 to 5 years ensuring your griddle will last for the stipulated time. Our built-in grill covers are also backed by warranty coverage for extra layer of protection.

Mildew Protection: Mold and algae may grow on ordinary covers if they are left unattended for an extended period. Our Cover Rite fabric has a PU coating that inhibits the growth of mildew and prevents them from spreading bacteria and disease. This protective feature is also available in big egg green grill cover that is susceptible to mildew due to negligence to clean leftover morsels.

Tie-Downs & Grommets are Available with Built-In Griddle Cover

Grommets & Tie-Downs for Secure Closure: The tie-down options include a drawstring, elastic at the bottom, push clips, elastic at the bottom with push clips, and split zipper. You can also combine or buy grommets separately for a secure closure. These are available in equal spacing on 6/12/24 inches.

Buy our Custom Griddle Covers in tailored sizes for weather protection. These are tear and abrasion-resistant prolonging the life of your appliance.

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