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Coversandall IkatCushion001 IkatCushion001 Get Ikat Cushion Cover made from water-repellent & UV resistant fabric to protect indoor & outdoor cushions from dust, dirt, mildew, wear & tear. Free shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/i/k/ikat-1.jpg
  • Made-to-measure custom covers in any size & different shapes.
  • Heavy-duty premium Ikat covers are available in awe-inspiring patterns.
  • Covers protect indoor & outdoor cushions from dust, dirt, mildew, wear & tear.
  • Water-repellent & UV resistant fabric is highly durable & lightweight.
  • These cushion covers are available in rectangle/square shape.

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Shield Your Cushions With Resistant, Durable, & Easy-To-Maintain Ikat Covers

One of the best ways to style any indoor or outdoor space is to go big on pillows & cushions. They help in outfitting while making it look neat, crisp, & inviting. Cover the cushions in vibrant and stunning colors & prints, and you can pull any space together in minutes. However, only making your cushions look pretty is not enough, especially when kept outdoors. You need something beyond aesthetic appeal - a practical covering solution that safeguards them against different outdoor elements. With our custom ikat cushion covers, you have the perfect outdoor cushion covering solution right here.

Being water-repellent and UV & mildew resistant, our covers come packed with protective features. We craft them from an engineered fabric that can withstand different mild to moderate external elements. They are ideally designed to protect cushions from dust, dirt, mildew, wear & tear for years together. They are lightweight, tear & abrasion resistant, which makes them easy to maintain and reuse.

Our premium-quality ikat pattern cushion covers come in a bevy of designs & colors options. You can conveniently select the pattern that complements your outdoor living style. The fabric, colors, & quality printing of our outdoor covers is built to last. However, keeping them outdoors in harsh weather conditions can affect their aesthetic appeal and functionality, reducing their lifespan.

You can add matching tie-downs or zippers to the ikat printed cushion covers before placing your order. Both tie-down options are designed to increase the functionality by making them easier to remove & clean. Furthermore, tie-downs help securely enclose the cushion inside the cover, reinforcing its protective factor.

Your Ikat Cushion Cover, Your Custom Size & Shape!

Don't lose sleep over finding the best outdoor covering solutions for your belongings. We believe standard & conventional covers do not fit every space. It is why we bring you the custom size feature that allows you to send us your unique size measurements. Like our other custom covering solutions, our ikat cushion covers are also made to measure based on your size needs.

To make your cushion covers stand up to your expectations, we also offer a selection of different shapes. The available shape options include rectangle, square, and round. Suit your cushion style needs and select the preferred shape for your custom covering needs.

Custom Ordering at Covers & All is Quick & Easy

Follow these quick steps to place your online order for ikat cushion covers:

1. Measure - Use our measuring guide to submit the exact measurements.
2. Choose - Choose from the available ikat patterns and tie-down options.
3. Order - Place your order.

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