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Coversandall FloorCushionCover001 FloorCushionCover001 Shop custom all-weather floor cushion cover in any size/shape, made out of tear & UV resistant and waterproof fabric. Free shipping over $99. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/f/l/floor-cushion-cover-square1.jpg

Amplify Your Décor with Plush Floor Cushion Covers

  • All-weather covers are available in myriad colors.
  • Fabric resists water & UV prolonging the cover’s life.
  • Custom-made covers ensure secure fitting.
  • Tear & abrasion resistant covers offer warranty.
  • Personalized covers come with ties, zippers, etc.


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Buy Waterproof Floor Cushion Covers for All-Round Protection

Floor cushions are stylish yet functional décor that adds more seating options. However, intense sunlight, downpours, etc., can instantly fetch their shine. Our Floor Cushion Covers protect against all these damaging weather elements. They can be tailored and personalized to your preferences.

Cushion Plus & Cushion Rite Fabric for Moderate Weather: Our Cushion Plus and Cushion Rite fabrics are available for moderate weather conditions. Cushion Plus is made of 100% Olefin eco-friendly fabric with TPU coating whereas Cushion Rite features 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one side PU coat.

Cushion Pro for Harsh Weather: Owing to 300 D solution-dyed woven polyester, Cushion Pro fabric is highly durable and long-lasting. They are ideal for harsh weather conditions and are extremely luxuriously rich-looking and durable. Keeping all the weather woes at bay, these sturdy fabrics are a worthy addition to people staying in inclement weather conditions.

Mildew Resistant & Eco-Friendly: Offering protection from bacteria, mold, mildew, etc., our mildew-resistant covers- Cover Rite and Cover Plus fabrics are protective. Their tough fabric inhibits bacterial growth prolonging the life of the furniture manifolds. With 100% Olefin eco-friendly fabric with TPU coating, our Cushion Pro fabric exhibits eco-friendly properties. The eco-friendly attribute of the fabric with the reliable TPU coating inherits strength and inhibits UV rays, and all other damaging elements.

Protection from UV & Water Elements: The outdoor cushion covers are highly protective in nature. They boast UV and water resistance qualities that upgrade our cover’s strength and make them reliable. The covers easily shove off the dust, debris, water, damaging rays, and all other unwanted elements.

Shields from Tear & Abrasion: If your cushion is kept outdoors or your pets love to scratch often then our tear and abrasion-resistant covers have your back. Designed to tackle cuts, slits, wears, tears, etc., our covers will remain in amicable condition always.

Personalization: Add a little spark to your minimal custom shape cushion cover with our personalization feature. You can add your name, family crest, brand name, brand logo, interesting quote, etc., to make your cushion an accent piece of furniture. Cushion Plus fabric is not available for personalization.

Tailor-Made Covers Fits like a Glove: With the market full of one-size-fits-all covers, you are left with loose covers that provide little to no protection. Our custom-sizing option gives you the leverage of finding the perfect size according to your preferences. Share the exact dimensions and we will design the bespoke covers exclusively tailored-made to your needs.

Floor Cushion Protectors are Reinforced with Corners, Ties, Etc.

Corners, Zippers, Ties & Welting: Owing to their lightweight, the covers can easily slip or blow away in wind. To keep firmly them in place, we equip our custom fit covers with sturdy ties, zippers, corners, and welting. You can choose the options to suit your requirements.

Numerous Color Options: Make your decor vibrant and attractive with striking hues that flawlessly blend with your decor. We offer colors in sky blue, navy blue, charcoal grey, toast, beige and many more for your easy selection.

Large Floor Cushion Covers are Available Under Warranty

Warranty-Coverage: We offer warranty coverage on our sturdy cushion covers for creating transparency and reliability. You can count on up to 5 years of warranty coverage on our Cushion Pro fabric followed by 3 years warranty on Cushion Plus fabric and 2 years on Cushion Rite fabric. Shop for durable Floor Cushion Covers now!

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