Curved Sofa Covers

  • Keep your curved sofa dry and clean all year long.
  • Durable, heavy-duty covers for your patio furniture at great prices.

Measurement (Inches)

$201.61 $201.61

Bulk Quantity Discount

2-9 $171.37
10-24 $161.29
25-49 $151.21
50-99 $141.13
100+ $120.97

Got a Curved Sofa? We Can Cover It!

Odd-shaped furniture is not a problem at Covers and All. We can create a custom cover to protect your curved sectional sofa and keep it ready for the next sunny day. You provide the measurements with our online tool, and you’ll have a cover that fits perfectly every time.

Clean and Dry

Our waterproof curved sofa covers will keep your furniture safe in wet weather and clean all year long. A perfect fit, your choice of tie-downs, and air pockets to resist mildew mean your sofa will stay dry even when the weather is wet.

Personalized and Beautiful

Keep your patio looking finished and attractive even when the covers are on. Customize them with your logo, initials, name, or anything you please to add a stylish touch.

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