Graduation Hat and Cupcakes

Graduation is the promise that comes at the end of completing a benchmark in education. It’s the moment that culminates with a walk across a stage, accompanied by cheers from parents and peers. So, what do we do when these walks of life are sidelined by force majeure? You find a creative solution. And with these ideas for inspiration, celebrating your graduate has never been easier - or more fun.


Kindergarden and Elementary Graduation

For kids on the younger side, graduation may not be as big of a deal to them as it is for a high school or college senior. If anything, they just want to have some fun to celebrate the start of Summer and all the fun it brings. Head to the backyard and prepare some outside festivities that will have them jumping for end-of-the-school-year joy.


  • Prepare for the fun by having your child decorate a graduation cap with their own unique style. The possibilities are endless with glitter, googly eyes, and pom-poms. 
  • There are plenty of games that can be brought outside for some backyard fun. Put a twist on Twister and decorate the game mat with graduation decorations (right foot grad cap, left hand diploma, etc.) 
  • Set up a backyard scavenger hunt for your little graduate. Hide small treats in the grass and trees, and have their biggest gift be the hardest challenge. 
  • Once the sun sets on your game day, head inside for a virtual “end of the school year” party with the whole class via Zoom. This gives kids the chance to say goodbye to each other for the summer and hello to first grade come fall.


Middle School Graduation

Middle school graduation is an important transition: from kid to teenager. There may not be any eighth grade formals to attend, but that doesn’t mean your tween can’t be celebrated as they start a new chapter in their lives. And what better way to praise them than getting family and friends involved?


  • Call up all of your local family members and neighborhood friends and invite them to a drive-by celebration. While your grad relaxes on the front porch, their loved ones can pull up with their windows down to offer their congratulations and shower the grad with gifts.
  • Hire a local photographer to take some outdoor portraits from a safe distance. The weather is perfect for some Springtime photo shoots, and you will have photos you will treasure for a lifetime. 

Deck out your front lawn with personalized decorations commemorating the occasion. From balloon arrangements to oversized yard signs and letters, there are tons of ways to spell out “congrats!” for the whole neighborhood to admire.


High School Graduation

High school graduation isn’t just a big deal. It’s the major first step in the rest of your child’s life and achievement more than worthy of recognition. So, what is there to do when the ceremony is nixed? Brainstorm unique ways to celebrate using these ideas for inspiration.


  • Organize a surprise graduation party parade with friends, family, and maybe even a few teachers from elementary, middle, and high school that made an impact on their education journey thus far.
  • Create a caravan of well-wishers for your high school graduate. Decorate cars and trucks with special banners, posters, streamers, and window paint and invite your graduate on a tour around the town that built them. 
  • As you come back home, surprise your graduate with a lawn decorated with regalia from the college or university they’re planning to attend, showing just how far they’ve come and what they’ve got to look forward to in their big, bright future.
  • Then head out back for the graduation bbq. Steaks, lobster tail - the works are in


College Graduation

College graduation is the cherry on top of graduation season. Your kid has spent fourteen or more years of their life in school, achieving degrees, diplomas, and certificates along the way. So, what comes next? Life. And what better way to celebrate that than with an intimate family dinner? This monumental occasion can be celebrated twice, giving you the chance to throw an even bigger and better grad bash at the end of the summer with friends and extended family. But for now, keep things intimate with an at-home dress-up affair, full of festivities.


  • Start the evening with a meal, either prepared yourselves, from your grad’s favourite gourmet restaurant or pull off the bbq grill covers and picnic table covers for a fancy evening on the patio.
  • Create and show a video built around your grad’s life, from baby to now, celebrating who they are and how far they’ve come.
  • Prepare a few words with wisdom on how your grad can best enter adulthood and be successful on the path they’ve chosen.
  • Top the night off with some themed movie of the grad's choosing.