Picnic Table Covers


Picnic Table Covers

Picnic Table Covers Keep Insects and Animals Off Your Picnic Table and Basket

Picnic table covers conceal the picnic table and picnic basket from ants, flies, and other creepy crawly critters. Your picnic table will also not have a target on its back from birds sitting on it and soiling it. Instead, the picnic table cover will take the impact, but not to worry, our custom picnic table covers are easy to clean.

Our picnic table cover will ensure your table remains spotless 365 days of the year. Our covers, available in three high quality fabric — Cover Max, Cover Lite, and Cover Rite — act as a barrier against strong winds, dirt and dust, UV rays, rain, water, and sleet, and mold and mildew.

Our Picnic Covers Are an Ideal Option for Hotels, Parks, Resorts, and Homeowners

Hotels and resorts offering their guests an area to have a picnic under the open skies need a picnic table cover to conceal their tables when the area is closed for the public. Doing so prevents the picnic tables from collecting dust and dirt.

Parks should follow suit. In the park, some families prefer to have a picnic on the grass, others prefer to have it on a picnic table. Hence, it is important for parks to take measures to protect their tables from becoming ruined by inclement weather.

While it’s a must for hotels, resorts, and parks to invest in custom picnic table covers, it’s a good idea for homeowners to invest in a picnic basket cover. The picnic basket covers serve as a shield, protecting your food from flies and insects. It also prevents dirt and dust from entering the basket.

You Can Customize and Personalize the Picnic and Basket Cover

We offer our customers with the option to customize their picnic table and basket cover. We can create an outdoor picnic table cover and basket cover according to the measurements you provide us via our site. You can also personalize the picnic table and basket cover with a logo, text, or image.

This option mainly interests resellers, hotels, parks, resorts and some families. You can choose from several different colors — green, black, grey, and white. You can choose a color option based on the color scheme of a certain room, the décor of the room, or create a theme around the color of the fabric.

Our Picnic Table Covers Ensure Your Tables and Baskets Remain in Impeccable Condition

If you want to avoid cleaning the tables rigorously before you can use them or you have thrown many picnic baskets away in a short span of time, it is time you put down the cleaning cloth and tell yourself that this will be the last picnic basket you throw and the last picnic table you clean.

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