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Our Cushion Storage Bag Preserves the Quality of Your Cushions

  • The lightweight bag weighs approximately 8 oz and comes with a warranty.
  • Choice of custom sizes and colors available for selection.
  • Resistant to tears, abrasions, water, UV rays, and mildew.
  • Bags are suitable for moderate weather conditions.
  • The zipper is given for easy closure.


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Prolong the Life of Cushions with Water & UV Resistant Cushion Storage Bag

Cushions reform your seating space. It can revamp your décor instantly and create a sense of tranquility with its aesthetic symmetry in an area. To preserve the quality of these essential cushions, we recommend using our cushion storage bag. Designed to hold many cushions, the bag is spacious and weatherproof. The bag is perfect for shielding your cushions from moderate weather conditions.

Made from Cover Rite fabric which is 600 deniers 100% solution dyed polyester, the cover is lightweight and durable. It weighs approximately 8 oz and comes with a PU coating on one side. This protective layer resists damage from water, tears, and abrasions. Additionally, the bag has medium UV resistance, ensuring the color stays intact and maintains its vibrancy.

Planning to take a vacation or don’t intend to stay at your premises for a long time? Your unattended cushions may lose their vitality as they may be exposed to inclement weather conditions during your absence. Use our outdoor cushion storage bag to shield them from harsh elements and prolong their shelf life. The bag also makes transporting cushions easy.

The cushion bag ensures your cushions are ready for use instantly. You don’t need to dry clean or wash them when you store them in the bag. The bag keeps your cushions free from dirt and dust even when you leave them lying in the outdoor space. The bag also keeps the growth of mold and bugs at bay as it is mildew resistant.

Our Cushion Storage Bags are Available in Custom Sizes & Colors

Our patio cushion storage bag is available in custom sizes to accommodate different quantities and sizes of cushions. Just input the dimensions in the measuring guide and get exclusive bags delivered to your doorstep.

Aside from sizes, you also get the option to select a color of your choice. The color choices include beige, charcoal grey, sky blue, or navy blue. All of these shades accentuate your upholstery and décor, you can opt for the color that goes well with your exteriors.

Our Cushion Storage Bag Comes with a Sturdy Zipper

The outdoor cushion bag is designed to keep your cushions protected from outdoor elements. They come equipped with a sturdy zipper to ensure the cushions remain safe from any harm. The highly durable bags come with warranty coverage of up to 2 years that covers any damage subject to terms and conditions.

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