Smoker Covers


Smoker Covers

If you love nothing more than firing up the grill during sunny summer days and inviting friends over for an old fashioned barbecue, then your unit must be exhausted. Even if you clean the grease and charcoal out thoroughly the kettle and grill will still get a beating from the elements if they are not covered well. This is where outdoor grill covers and kettle grill covers from Coversandall can help.

Made from high quality and weather resistant fabric, the covers will do a great job protecting your unit from dust, debris and especially moisture. A wet smoker grill will not remain rust free if it is kept out for too long uncovered and it can also grow moldy. The breathable materials our covers are made from allow moisture to leave while keeping dust and dirt out.

Try not to go for the vinyl variety since these do nothing to protect outdoor patio furniture and can get blown off quite easily. Our covers will keep your outdoor grill dry and dust free and will not blow off regardless of how windy it gets.

How to take Measurements for Covers

We also accommodate custom orders so if you cannot find the covers you are looking for on the website, we will not disappoint. Just send us your grill’s measurements and we will do the rest:

  • Width - Measure the widest part of the grill
  • Height - Measure from above the grill to the highest point

Take tight measurements to ensure a good fit. You can also take a sheet that is slightly larger than the grill and send us its measurements. Choose from the range of designs that we have available on the website and send us your orders today.

At Coversandall we use only quality materials for our covers. These are stronger than vinyl and also light weight making them easy to slip on and off. Additionally, our covers can handle temperatures from 100 to 240 degree Fahrenheit without taking on damage making them appropriate for most climates and adverse weather conditions.

Custom Covers

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