Ikat Pillow Cover

Coversandall PrintedPillow08 PrintedPillow08 Buy water and UV-resistant Ikat pillow covers made of polyester fabric in varied shapes and custom sizes. Get free shipping on orders over $99.00. https://cdn.coversandall.com/catalog/product/cache/123e248a3849e7cc5c4c65fae66d418c/8/_/8_1_2.jpg

Weatherproof Ikat Pillow Covers to Enhance Your Interiors/Exteriors

  • Made of 600 Denier, 100% solution-dyed polyester fabric with one PU-coated side.
  • Offers excellent resistance against UV rays, water, abrasion, and mildew.
  • Weighing approximately 8 oz, the lightweight covers are easy to handle.
  • Available in exquisite Ikat pattern to endow your decor a distinctive appeal.
  • Covers are equipped with a sturdy zipper for convenient usage.
  • To reinforce durability, covers are provided with up to 2 years of warranty.

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Ikat Pillow Cover

Ikat Pillow Cover

  • Ikat Pillow Cover

    Ikat Pillow Cover

  • Animal Print Pillow Cover

    Animal Print Pillow Cover

  • Checkered Pillow Cover

    Checkered Pillow Cover

  • Chevron Pillow Cover

    Chevron Pillow Cover

  • Floral Pillow Cover

    Floral Pillow Cover

  • Geometric Pillow Cover

    Geometric Pillow Cover

  • Houndstooth Pillow Cover

    Houndstooth Pillow Cover

  • Abstract Pillow Cover

    Abstract Pillow Cover

  • Polka Dot Pillow Cover

    Polka Dot Pillow Cover

  • Stripes Pillow Cover

    Stripes Pillow Cover

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Our Ikat Pillow Covers are Made of Weatherproof Polyester Fabric

Looking for an instant house makeover? You can never go wrong with premium pillow covers. This small yet significant home decor accessory is a surefire hit when planning to give your interiors/exteriors a major facelift without breaking the bank. Just a change of color & print and you have a whole new vibe running throughout your home. Be it for your outdoor furniture, living area upholstery, or even bedroom, the pillow covers in exquisite prints and patterns can add dimension and texture to your space.

Since pillow covers add cushy support to your furniture, they have to withstand a lot in the long run. Therefore, going for the weatherproof pillow covers that are durable enough to brave the weather plus extensive usage is essential. At Covers & All, we cater to all these requirements and bring to you the best coverage solutions that are not only weather-resistant but aesthetically pleasing too. Made of 600 D high tensile cushion print fabric, the pillow covers are robust enough to brave the moderate weather conditions.

The use of 100% solution-dyed polyester with one PU-coated side makes the covers water-resistant. The waterproof coating helps wick away moisture keeping the pillows dry and undamaged during rain, snow, mildew, or more. Along with water, harmful UV rays also play havoc with the quality of the pillows. Our Ikat pattern pillow covers resist the sun rays from reaching the pillows even after long UV exposure and further help to protect them. The covers stay undamaged and as good as new without getting tarnished. Plus, they keep discoloration at bay, giving you vibrant prints with an impeccable finish.

With a weight of 8 Oz, these lightweight pillow covers are super comfortable and functional. Hassle-free usage is promised since our pillow covers are equipped with sturdy zippers. You can easily sheath and unsheath the covers as and when required using this convenient tie-down option. Furthermore, the zippers endow a sophisticated feel to the pillow covers while ensuring the inserts stay well in place, no matter the weather conditions.

Get Ikat Print Pillows in Custom Sizes & Shapes

Since the pretty pillow covers help anchor the overall appeal of your decor, the size and fitting of the pillow covers can make or break the look. This is why choosing the pillow covers offering a snug fit to your pillows is essential. In a market full of covers adhering to the ‘one size fit all’ concept, Covers & All offers an exclusive option of custom sizes. Now, getting custom-made pillow covers tailored as per your specific needs is effortless and simple. Whether your pillows are big, small, or extra small, you can customize them in any size hassle-free. Just follow our measurement guide, fill in the exact dimensions of your pillows and you are good to go!

Along with custom size, you can also customize the shape of your pillow covers. If you have a knack for cozying up your place with multiple pillows in different sizes and shapes, you are at the right place. From rectangle, square to round, you can pick any shape of your choice with just a click.

Alluring Ikat Print Pillow Covers Come with a Warranty

Cozy up your abode with Ikat print pillow covers and endow a unique flair to your haven. The distinctive Ikat print pillow covers prove to be a showstopper in a room full of myriad prints and colors. Owing to its classic appeal, print is a popular choice for many contemporary decor designs. In order to ensure the timeless appeal of the Ikat print, our pillow covers are crafted from tear & abrasion-proof fabric. Even after multiple usages, they don't get frayed or appear unraveled. To reinforce their durability, the pillow covers come with a warranty of up to 2 years, if maintained properly. So, order your custom-made Ikat print pillow covers now!

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