Put up that fence privacy screen and enjoy your backyard bbq with a refreshing summer cocktail

There’s nothing like relaxing poolside with a cool drink. No matter how high temperatures may get, summer cocktails are there to help you keep you cool when you’re not taking a dip in the pool. Beer and chilled wines may be popular choices for poolside libations, but with the endless variety of summer cocktails available, why limit yourself? Much like the fruity desserts that are so popular in the hottest months, fresh and summery mixed drinks are perfect for those looking for delicious refreshment when spending time outdoors. It’s time to bust out the cocktail shaker and fun glassware with this creative guide to mixing up shimmering summer cocktails. 


South of the Border

From frozen margaritas to Mexican mules, tequila based cocktails are a hit in the summertime. The possibilities are endless with this versatile spirit known for its Mexican roots and popularity at parties. If you’ve made the call to whip up some margaritas to enjoy poolside, why not take some inspiration from its birthplace and make it a South of the Border night? Fresh guacamole, handmade tortillas, and mouth watering tacos all pair perfectly with this festive beverage, and there are an abundance of flavors you can utilize to make your margaritas a unique treat, such as strawberry, mango, banana to name a few. Whether it’s frozen or a classic on the rocks with a salted rim and a wedge of lime, these Mexican favorites are sure to keep you cool. 


Tropical Paradise 

A beachside luau may not be in the cards anytime soon, but channeling those laid back tropical vibes is easy when you’ve got a backyard pool and a slew of tiki themed drinks on your side. Need some inspiration to get on island time? Here’s a few ideas for transforming your pool into a luau retreat:

  • Plug the blender and get ready to whip up some frozen rum-based delights that wouldn’t be out of place at a beachside bar. Pina coladas and painkiller smoothies are just a few of the many frozen tropical tasties your guests can enjoy while relaxing on your backyard furniture (cushion and pillow covers removed, of course).
  • Deck out your patio and pool with tiki inspired decorations such as palm fronds, bamboo torches, and tropical flowers. You can even set up a luau themed playlist filled with Polynesian classics to play for the ultimate ambiance.
  • Fire up the grill and serve some Pacific island inspired barbeque to go with the tropical cocktails. Pig roasts are a classic Hawaiian dish that are just as fun to participate in as they are to eat. 


Sweet Tooth Sipping

Everyone loves to indulge in some after dinner dessert. While ice cream and cake may be your first thought, why not sip your treats? Invite friends and family over to celebrate the sweetness of summer with a dessert drink pool party. After taking a dip in your backyard pool and enjoying some barbeque in the safety provided by your fence privacy screened backyard, your guests can indulge in a menu of sumptuous dessert drinks such as banana split martinis, chocolate mudslides, and creamy cinnamon horchata. If you’re feeling burnt out from baking pies and brownies, a cool dessert cocktail is the perfect way to serve up sweetness while thinking outside of the dessert recipe box.


Kid Friendly Fare

Who says the adults are the only ones who get to have poolside drink fun? If you’ve got kids or teens running around your pool on these summer evenings, it’s worth looking into the many non-alcoholic cocktail recipes available online. Kids will be thrilled to have the chance to have their own version of mom and dad’s poolside cocktails, and you’ll be able to relax knowing that they’ll have something fun to occupy their time when they’re not taking cannonballing. We’ve got some kid friendly cocktails at the ready to spark some alcohol-free cocktail creativity:

  • Daiquiris are a perennial kid favorite that are simple to make and come in a huge variety of flavors, from classics like lemon/lime and strawberry to more adventurous options such as peach basil. All you need are some fruit syrups and a blender and you’re good to go.
  • Bring the fun of a restaurant right to your backyard with a dinner menu staple: the Shirley Temple. Pick up some grenadine, lemon-lime soda, and cherries on your next grocery trip and get ready to be the most beloved bartender on the block.
  • Your teens may not be old enough to indulge in some champagne, but sparkling juices will do the trick. Sparkling grape, apple, and peach juice are all great substitutes for the teen who wants to feel fancy with some bubbly. Add a little OJ for a virgin mimosa. They’re all extremely refreshing in the summer heat, and can be enjoyed by both kids and kids at heart.