5 Tried & Tested Swimming Pool Maintenance Tips For Quick Cleaning

The idea of having a backyard swimming pool is amazing. It can be the perfect space to host weekend parties, adopting a new fitness regime or spending lazy afternoons lounging poolside while cultivating the perfect tan. However, we shouldn't forget about one important responsibility -  pool maintenance. 

Pool cleaning is a necessity, especially during the summer months when it’s in heavy use. Without proper pool maintenance, your luxurious pool can yield to a variety of "non-luxury" conditions like algae build up, broken filters and green water - just to name a few. These conditions can hamper your - or more importantly - your kids’ health. Whether you’ve just opened your pool for the very first time or you’ve been a proud owner for years, check out these tried & tested swimming pool maintenance tips.

Tip 1 - Test It Out...Regularly!

Test your pool water once a week, and even daily during summer when the kids are having a heyday in it. You may need to add chemicals to keep things running smoothly. Always check your filter as well and remove any debris that may have accumulated in or near the water. 

Tip 2 - Skim & Scrub Off That Algae

Skim your pool of debris daily, or at least every 2-3 days. Trim any trees nearby that may be dropping leaves and insects into the water. It may seem obvious, but many people forget this crucial step. So don’t be that guy. With skimming, your pool needs weekly scrubbing to prevent algae build up. 

Quick Tip - For the stubborn sports, take an old sock, fill it with chlorine and let it sit on the top of the spot for a few hours before scrubbing. This way the algae growth will stop and you'll finally have a use for that single sock. :P 

Tip 3 - Keep Your Pump Running

Your pool’s circulation system, which includes pimp and pump strainer, helps chemicals work properly and ensure that the water is regularly filtered. Run your pump long enough each day to make sure the water is properly filtered and each item in the circulation system is clean and in good condition.

Tip 4 - Cleaning Begins At Home

Your own house caters to the most useful materials to keep your pool clean. If you think that pool chemicals are too expensive to purchase, look no further than your kitchen and grab some regular baking soda. It does the same job as sodium bicarbonate for only a fraction of the price. Check out for ‘Sodium Bicarbonate’ as one of the ingredients before using.

Also, take that tennis ball out. Not for playing catch but it is an excellent substitute to help absorb oils and keep them leaving a slick sheen on the top of your pool water.

Tip 5 - Cover It To Prevent More Damage

Nobody wants to find their swimming pool full of dangerous bacteria or green water or just leaves and other junk lying there. We recommend that you  cover your swimming pool when not in use. It will reduce the effort you need to take to keep the pool all set for a quick dip.

Keeping a pool in good shape does involve a certain amount of work, but it is not really a burden. Incorporate these pool maintenance tips in your regular routine, and spend more time sunbathing than doing chores. Do you have great pool maintenance tips to share? Let us know in the comments below.