Water drops on blue tarp

As you and your family pull cardigans from storage, spend more days raking foliage, and make the most of crisp autumn patio weather, it’s worthwhile to do a bit of research into what will help you most when tackling projects both in the backyard and indoors. Leaf blowers, wheelbarrows and lawnmowers are the usual suspects when it comes to backyard improvement. But the most useful tools in your handyman arsenal? Tarps. These versatile covers come in a variety of materials and finishes for every type of project, making them a must-have for anyone looking to make the most out of the outdoor fall season. The sheer number of tarp types can be overwhelming, but this guide will shine a light on which tarp best suits your needs.  


Mesh Tarps

Mesh tarp cover over outdoor seats

If you are in need of a breathable canvas that can withstand even the strongest of fissures, then a mesh tarp is the way to go. Mesh tarps are the go-to material for awnings, cabanas, and similar outdoor accessories due to their breathable nature and ability to provide shade without confining and overheating the area. Unlike their solid counterparts, these unique textiles allow air to pass through, meaning you can enjoy the crisp breeze of fall without having to deal with leaves and debris getting in the way. Mesh tarps are also popular choices for pool owners looking to keep their waters protected without the threat of overheating. No matter the season, no matter the project, these unique tarps can get the job done. 


Clear Vinyl Tarps

Clear vinyl tarp protecting from rain

There are some projects where visibility is key for safety as well as success. A clear vinyl tarp offers impressive with the added benefit of full visibility. If you’re planning on using potentially dangerous tools such as chainsaws or tree trimmers, clear vinyl tarps can help keep yourself at a safe distance from others while remaining visible. Vinyl is also a great option for waterproof tarps, which makes them the perfect choice for protecting equipment, vehicles, and machinery from rain, snow, and sleet. Some gardening enthusiasts even use them to construct DIY backyard greenhouses so their dream gardens can flourish year-round!


Outdoor Curtains

Perfect for home or industrial use, curtains provide protection, they can be clear or opaque depending on your privacy/safety needs, and best of all they are quick & easy to install. They are the ultimate, flexible solution to create temporary walls for outdoor space management. Their durable construction makes them ideal for year-round weather protection and their choice of color options make them a stylish fit for your outdoor patio, gazebo or cabana.  


Insulated Tarps

Insulated tarps are ideal for keeping and maintaining a controlled climate. From young seedlings in a greenhouse to machinery of all shapes, sizes and strengths, insulated tarps provide coverage to a multitude of items indoor and out. If you happen to be in the midst of a home renovation, insulated tarps are the perfect solution for maintaining a safe and acclimated environment for the woes that come with the industrial side of the overhaul. The curation of concrete is an intricate part of crafting any sturdy foundation. Using an insulated tarp to control the internal temperature of the mix can help prevent a concrete curing disaster. More everyday uses for industrial tarps include serving as makeshift pool tarps, protecting plants from an early frost, and even extra-heavy protection in the event of inclement weather.


Heavy Duty Tarps

Heavy duty tarp covering trailer

Intense projects require intense gear. These PVC coated polyester tarps deliver the strength and durability you need for hauling dirt, rocks, and other materials without the risk of constant tearing or ripping. Their PVC material is even tough enough to be used to cover sports fields and indoor gym floors. They feature full UV protection for use in all climates and are mildew, oil, acid and rot resistant. And if you’re concerned about water damage, there’s no need to worry - these waterproof tarps will stand up to whatever Mother Nature or a busted pipe throws their way.  


Fence Privacy Screens

Heavy duty or mesh, these beauties can be created to fit any size or shape. They can either cut down on the wind or block it completely, depending on the style, while simultaneously eliminating windblown debris as a worry. They can be personalized with a logo, text or graphics of your choice so whether your business or home needs some privacy, these fence screens offer the optimum solution to fit your needs.