Snow Removal 101- Hacks to Deal with Snow in Your Yard

Do you feel stressed at the thought of winter weather and snow removal? We don’t blame you, but it doesn’t have to be the worst. Here are a few tips on how to get the job done and keep yourself safe in the process, allowing you to quickly get back inside where it’s cozy and warm.


If you have a small driveway or just don’t mind the heavy lifting, good old-fashioned shoveling can work just fine. When it comes to purchasing a shovel, there are two main types: plastic and aluminum. Aluminum is likely to last much longer but it does come with a loud scraping sound when you hit the concrete.

Plastic breaks easier but is usually less expensive and much lighter and when you're already lifting heavy snow, every ounce counts. When lifting be conscious of your back. Lift with your legs and don’t overload the shovel.

Snow Blower

If you have a bit more space than just a small driveway to cover or if your back can’t quite handle the shoveling, a snow blower is a good option. You will need to be careful of blowing in gravelly areas or around mulch but if you’re mindful you can set your blower to a higher level as you get to those sections of your yard.

Rocks and other debris can easily clog your blower or shoot things towards you, so it’s a good idea to mark rocky area before snowfall. As an additional precaution, you should always wear goggles when operating a snowblower.

Snow Plow

If you have a lot of outdoor space that needs to be cleaned up and you get snow often, your best bet is to invest in a snowplow. A snowplow can be attached to certain large vehicles such as a truck. It’s a good idea to look up your vehicle specifications before purchasing to ensure that your vehicle can handle the extra load and that the plow will fit properly. It is easily removable for the warmer parts of the year. You’ll want to be sure to follow any appropriate training procedures before use.

Call In The Big Guns

You may not be feeling up to the task for a variety of reasons and that’s ok because you can always call in the professionals. Any area that gets snow has snow removal services. If you feel like you need a little help, simply google the name of your city along with ‘ snow removal’ and there are sure to be a variety of options.

No matter which snow removal option you go with, be sure to put down some salt when you’re finished. This will help keep you and your guests from slipping around and potentially being injured. Pay extra attention to well-traveled areas, the mail person's route to your mailbox, and any steps. If you have pets, make sure you grab a pet-safe option.